Why Should You Learn How To Sell?

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I have been stating in some other articles the power of learning how to sell and how it can help you bring others into your "team" or closer to your idea, I also been saying that everything in life is a sale and everything you want out of it is a commission... let`s think about it, sales is not a bad word, it is actually the core of every business and the center of life!


Sales have a bad reputation all across different cultures and it is seen as the act of persuading someone to take a certain action that sometimes they don`t even want, therefore most people feel bad when they have to sell something... let me ask you a question?

Do you think it`s good to help an overweight person to go on a diet and lose weight even if they don`t want to do it or to tell a drug addict that he needs to get out of that world?

You`re trying to convince someone that your idea is a good solution for them and that it could actually make a difference in their lives, because most of the times people don`t even realize they have a problem and if you know how to sell, you`re in a better position to help others. 

Have you ever had a hard time finding a partner or spouse, the love of your life and you feel like everything goes wrong from the beginning?

Ok, this is a different game, but you still have to sell yourself to the other person, convince he or she that you`re a good fit, your presentation, the way you speak, your body language, everything is selling. I think that if you can connect sales with everything you do in life, you can definitely develop a different mindset and see things in new other perspectives, rather than having a negative association with the four letter word.

undefinedWhat happens when entrepreneurs refuse to get good a selling their products or services?

Believe it or not, most of them don`t know how to sell and that reflects itself in their businesses and their personal lives, they are scared of change, they`re proud or simply don`t want it bad enough. I`m a huge advocate of knowing how to influence people, there is no better skill to have that could guarantee you the desired future. 

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