Why So Many People Are Afraid to Quit Jobs They Absolutely Hate?

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Making the decision to walk away from a secure job in tough economic times can be daunting even when you are not too crazy about your job. Quitting a job inevitably leads to change, and to many people change can be paralysing.

But we must know that success is mainly limited by our own beliefs.

Your desire to create a lifestyle of freedom MUST be bigger than the reason why you are still stuck in your current situation today.

Your willingness to free yourself has to be larger than your limiting beliefs and excuses.

So why would people get up every morning for 20,30 40 years and put up with the torture and torment of doing a job they absolutely dislike

  • Fear: Fear of letting go of a steady pay check, fear of failure, fear of being judged by family and friends, what if new venture doesn’t work out? fear of doing something outside the society’s expectations.
  • Excuses: Not enough time, not enough money, no skills or experience to start something new.
  • Comfort Zone: Too many people are too comfortable in their comfort zones, not wanting to take risks, are full of self-doubt, filled with I am not good enough thoughts and are driven by guilt. We all know that there’s no magic in comfort zone but we allow to be held back by our comfort zones.

The truth is there will never be perfect conditions, the perfect day, the ideal time when the universe will align all the stars for you to take the leap.

The key is to start when you are not ready, the secret is to feel the fear and do it anyway.

We are conditioned to spend too much time analyzing the pro and cons, the whys and the how’s instead of learning to fail fast, trusting our intuition and take the leap.

You could continue in your current corporate grind, working the long hours, moving role to role for the next 20,30,40 years, earning a modest pay rise from one performance review to the next.Living for the weekends, playing the office politics day in day out and living pay check after pay check.

OR you could explore a world of FREEDOM and live life in your own terms where you are in total control of your time, income and lifestyle.

The good news is you can take advantage of today’s digital economy. There are more than 2.5 billion people online daily, which means you could have an unlimited customer base and build a location-independent, lifestyle based online business.

With little or no prior business experience you can use today’s advancement in technology to acquire new skills and learn how to generate multiple income streams, become profitable in months instead of years.

And the great news is you can start a new business venture part time and create a lifestyle of absolute freedom.

Are you ready to take the leap?

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