Why, when, how change your life (the SR experience)

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You have a regular day job, a regular life, you work hard all week, and on Friday evening you just feel exhausted and completely empty. If that’s the case, I want to let you know that you are not alone. I felt like that on Wednesday afternoon… and still I liked my job. It was my passion, my college main subject, even my dream. What happened? Why, suddenly, did I feel so miserable?

Well, I realise I gave too much. I put myself in my work, like it was a drug, thinking that the more the better. Maybe you went through the same experience. If you did, you probably already know that in this process you inadvertently lost “the” one important thing: yourself. It was like there was a battle inside me, without winners, a battle that left me tired and confused.

And then, one day, I bumped by accident into a video of Stuart Ross. I wasn’t even looking for an opportunity like this. I was very suspicious about this kind of offers, that seem to be pretty popular today. At the time, I had already watched videos on digital business, and decided that it was not worth: people looked greedy and not much interested in human beings. But in Stuart’s video, something grabbed my attention. He was different. He was impressive, and I’ll tell you why.

I’m a very introvert person, and I don’t like too much talking. But I really like listening to people, to their voices and modulations, and observing their attitude, manner, and movements. I watched several times Stuart’s video, looking for a rift in his voice, in his eyes, for a hesitation in his gestures, that little thing that might reveal a hidden purpose. I didn’t find any. And the more I watched him, the more a thought grew in my mind: this guy is really authentic.

At that moment, I realised this was exactly what I was looking for. I needed to change, to challenge myself, to find again my passions and purposes, to feel alive. That’s why my journey started, and that’s how it started. And about the ‘when’, it seems sometimes that it’s a random event, but it isn’t. It happened at the right moment I needed it, and it’s one of the greatest things that occurred in my life.

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