Work Ethic Transition

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I would like to share with you my experience of my work ethic transition.

I always remember my Dad saying to me how he from the age of 8 worked with his Father in their garage at home making furniture for him to sell in his shop in Hoxton in London, obviously it was only simple chairs and tables my Dad made whereas his Father was a cabinet maker and made much more intricate pieces. What stuck with me was the fact that my Dad was working.

When i was the same age i remeber my Dad working very hard and so that i could spend time with him i used to go to work with him on the building site and help with whatever he was doing, i did learn from this but it was my Dad working hard that stuck with me. I do remeber him saying to me you must work hard if you want to get on in life.

So when i went to work i did the same worked hard and even worked in the evening and weekends to try and get ahead and even though i have done well i have had to give up too much time for that and it was my children coming along that made me think. Would i be giving them the same advice and after some thought i realised that i would not be looking for them to do the same i would be looking for them to work smart and ensure that their income was not linked to the hours worked but the value given. Watching the internet expand and become this new digital world has shown me that this is what they need to do.

With this transition of work ethic i have looked to switch my own work life and i have started an online business which i can run along side my day job until such time as i can switch completely. this way i will have first hand experince on this ever growing industry that is clearly the way my children will need to go and i can free up my time to enjoy my family and friends.

If you can relate to any of my thoughts above hopefully they can help in some way and if you want to learn more about how you can start an online business then please check out the link below.  

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