Work/Lifestyle Balance

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Work/Lifestyle Balance

Have you got it right?

Have you ever thought about your day? have you, for one moment, stoppped to consider what it is that's going on? Most people have not. Can you still hear it ringing in your ears? Go to school, do well, pass your exams and get a good job. 'Thats just the way of things'. Perhaps, but it does not have to be.

We are all doing the same thing trading our time for money. We go to work. We do our jobs, we collect our pay. ‘Time is money’ we are always told. It’s a lie, a lie to keep you locked into the Status Quo. Time is not money, anymore than a banana is. Time is time and money is money. You can give more time and earn more money, until you have no more time to give. For most people that’s as far as it goes.


The way things are:

I have a friend, (we'll call him John). He works all the time including weekends. His wife also has a full time job. All they ever wanted was to pay the bills and feed the kids. Eventualy he had no more time to give and the bills kept going up, so his wife took a second job, now they don’t see the kids, they have no time left to spend with them, all they do is work. They are good people, loyal, honest and dependable. The sad truth is, there are millions of others just like them.

What if there was a better way? some way of freeing yourself from this never ending cycle,’ breaking the chain’ so to speak!

How about making time to find a better Work/Lifestyle balance. One solution I have discovered is internet marketing or affiliate marketing. Perhaps like me you have no idea what it is or what’s involved. I had no idea either, I thought like you that this kind of thing is for Webbies. Now, however, after some online training, I have started to make progress in the online world. Isn’t it better to invest more of your time and money in yourself? Rather than someone elses buisness, someone elses lifestyle. 

Couple of points.

There is no magic wand, get rich quick offers will make you a lot poorer. (Avoid at all costs).

Be prepared to change not only your mindset but also the way you view your work /lifestyle balance

It is possible to break the chain, it will depend on your comitment and determination. If you are ready to make the change and take controll, start by clicking the SFM link below.

Lastly, trust me on this, if I can do it you can too!


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