Work at home VS Working for a company

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So here I pose the question work at home or work for a company?

Right let us explore this a little and go into the pros and cons, I would say maybe even see if any of this relates to anything in your life.

So working for a company

The pros would be:

  • Depending on the employer regular wages of an amount you know.
  • Job security (I must note however this will depend on the employer, I would recommend you research the company first)
  • In most cases, a rota giving you shift patterns or set hours that you must work.
 The cons would be:
  • Never truly getting paid what you know your worth, allow me to explain this. Let's say you sell cars and you know the ones you are selling have a £1500 profit margin. Now you sell this particular car it is likely you get paid a commission, let us say 5% that means you get £75 pounds meaning the company gets £1425, you may be happy with that but for me, if you do this a lot you are worth so much more as a salesman.
  • Your life is to a certain degree is controlled by your boss and the company as you fit your life around your work.
  • your friends and family who you want to spend time with (I hope) may work opposite times of the day, I can talk from experience when I say my girlfriend works night shifts and I do not, this in some cases can put a lot of strain on relationships.
  • (Trading your time for money) to explain this in a simple manner if you are not sure it means that you have a ceiling on how much you can work, everyone gets 24 hours in a day, we all need to sleep right, also if you are paid by the hour you know you can never earn more than the amount you are permitted to work. And doing too much of something you do not like can be extremely bad for your health. 
Work from Home or self-employed

The cons would be:

  • You are overall responsible for everything and must either do it yourself or pay someone else to do it.
  • The fact that usually start up capital is required.
  • Distractions all around you and you need the ability to focus.

The pros would be:

  • The ability to be with your family (your children if this applies) to a stay at home mum this will definitely apply.
  • To work when you want to work and not when someone tells you to! Also with a lot of modern-day businesses that are based online you have geographical freedom, by that I mean you can work from anywhere if you have a laptop and an internet connection, its what people call work holidays I certainly intend to take a few.
  • Not being limited by a (salary) or a (wage) earning what you are worth, or to put it another way, earning how much you choose too. (there are hundreds of ways and paths to do this)

  So with all this in mind where do you think you sit? Again it is a personal choice and for you it must be too.

I just want to say that in my case working for a company until retirement was not for me and soon I will be totally free of that very idea, and again I say it that is a personal choice maybe the above suits your predicaments and current situation. I am not trying to sell anything in this I am just interested to see how many others feel like I do, as I am transitioning into starting my own business. I did make this choice and am working on it whilst working part-time in a job I am happy, if this post only helps a handful of people I will be satisfied in knowing somebody has benefited, I see too many people in jobs they hate and are constantly stressed up to the eyeballs, I can totally relate to this and have been there in the past I want to show you that there is another way, one where you can take back control of your life and spend time with your loved ones, see your friends not have to keep saying no when they ask you if you if you are free, and most importantly not feel like you are stressed every time you get home from work and to have the freedom of choice in your life.

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Thank you for reading

Richard Francis


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