Working knowledge and focused knowledge

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Working knowledge and focused knowledge

 Knowing what you’re pursuing is the most important knowledge a person can acquire.
Knowing HOW to get there is a secondary thing.
Working knowledge and focused knowledgeSchool is great, but only knowledge of the nature of things doesn’t get you anywhere if you don’t know where you want to go first.
It looks like a very obvious thing but how often we find in ourselves, confusing “knowing” in general, with knowing our destination.
The importance of knowing what we want is the foundation of any action and strategies you might take. It is far more important than the tools and education you need to get there easier.
Let’s ask to any “successful” person if any or their achievements were reached just randomly… Surely they will tell us that they know what they wanted, how they wanted, how they would want to feel and why they wanted it.
Let’s ask now to ourselves if our successes were achieved just by coincidence. I bet you’ll remember some of your small or big achievements, no matter what area, that every time you got something significant, was because it was dreamed, planed, designed, nurtured, wished, imagined and seen before it manifested.
Let’s make a difference between the school education (which is necessary) with the knowledge of the direction and the goal you want to achieve. So do you want just knowledge in general or focused knowledge? Probably you want both but knowing your destination is the starting point. Working knowledge and focused knowledge are combined. 
Knowing exactly what your dream is about, knowing your destination, seeing yourself right there, is the foundation of your journey towards that goal.
Focusing on goals makes us selective in what instruments and knowledge we need to get there. Focusing on goals makes us find instructions, makes us find who can help us make this happen.
It is all about focusing.
A salesman that wants just make sales and focuses on making sales, is less effective than the salesman that focuses on having more customers and serving them with constant solutions for their needs.
It is all about focusing what’s important.
If someone wants to replace their day job income with a business that is online based, then things are similar to the salesman we were talking about before.
The list building (email marketing) is the goal. Online marketers (successful ones) don’t want to sell in the first place. They want to build a list of people that are interested in what they have to offer. They’re focused on serving their followers with quality content and value for people’s lives.
They want to help people reach their goals, helping them in a spiritual supportive level as well as in technical stuff.
They create content, they blog, create videos, give free instructions, free tips, free how-tos.
Their followers are happy to interact with them and look for more because they enjoy the content the online marketer is delivering to them.
At a certain point, the online marketer asks for his follower to take action, and explore one of the products he has to offer.
As a result, this marketer ten-folds in revenue his work/time investment.
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