Working towards Freedom lifestyle

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Ready, Steady... and GO!

I decided to take massive action and work my way towards freedom lifestyle. My goal is to quit my "9-5" job in the next 180 days. No more excuses, no more lies, no more anything but a clear goal in my head. 

How am I going to do it? I will write this blog to keep myself updated and motivated. 

Start with the "WHY?" I only need to ask myself what is the one thing in my life I want to change in order to be happy... the answer would be: I am not happy in my current job and if I want to change this, I MUST take action and create my happiness.  

I joined to SFM education program some time ago and I have been learning quite a lot but I have not taken massive action which is needed if I ever want to replace my boring job to something I love to do. What is it that I love? A simple answer would be freedom lifestyle where I can be my own boss. I love to be creative and I love to learn new skills. You don´t have to be a genius to see how this world is changing. 


Yesterday I made a plan how to get to where I want to go. Simple plan where I have written down all necessary things I need to. This is also called "blueprint". One of the most challenging thing for me is to stay focused and persistent, but now it is time to remove all excuses and do the work. 


A few days ago I watched recorded webinar where I saw simple pattern how to create a habit from something new in 30 days. This pattern is very familiar to me but at the same time, it opened my eyes. It goes like this: 

You set a goal which is in the next 30 days. A goal can be anything you can imagine as long as you be honest with yourself and what can be done in that period of time. First 5 days will be pure joy and skyrocket = excitement of your new decision. Next 5 days is will power but you kinda start questioning your motivation and your EGO try to play tricks with you. Most of us will stop before "habit pattern" is there and this is usually somewhere between 6-10 days.

After 10 day is over and you have being focused then you have reached the milestone and already created yourself a habit pattern but at this point, you must keep going to next milestone which will become routine. Between 10-20 days you start to believe in yourself and things start to feel a bit easier because it is now your new normal daily routine. Most important is to stay focused and keep on going > follow your blueprint. All you have to do is to follow the steps and don´t let any distractions to come into your way. If you want to achieve something you must sacrifice many things but you need to remain yourself WHY you do what you do and it will all be clear again.

After 20-day milestone is reached then it will be even easier to continue your way to success. It is important to make a big picture of your goals but cut it so smaller steps and learn a new way of doing things. Between 20-30 days everything will be a whole lot easier and you can almost laugh yourself how "hard" it was to create habit pattern. Don´t settle! When you reach 30 days it is time to be proud of yourself and make another 30-day blueprint! This sound very simple and that´s exactly it is as long as you keep on going after you started. 

I have made a simple blueprint to myself where is start and goal. Between this timeline, there is a lot of smaller milestones. Most important is that I have now simple steps for every day which I only need to follow. One of these steps is to follow:


This is my pathway to success and I got it from SFM program. "While tactical marketing know- how is vital, it´s also important to understand that personal and business success depends on the foundation of unchanging principles."

These five things I will follow:

  1.  Daily Visualization & Meditation 
  2.  Income producing activities
  3.  Personal development 
  4.  Mastermind with others
  5.  Cultivate the expectation of leadership

I will do these and many other activities every day and trust that it will pay off when it comes to creating a life I love and being a person I want to be. It is also important to remember that I need to take care of my health as well. A decent amount of exercise and proper nutrition will keep me going...

With these being said it´s time to end this post.

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