How to learn what is Mindfulness.

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Back in September, I stopped off on my way home and called in at a friends’ I had not seen in ages. My friend had recently started a Bed and Breakfast with her daughter from her Bungalow.  

My friend invited me in for coffee and said that she had a family of five adults staying from Singapore.  They had arrived the day before and where at present in town buying ingredients to cook her an evening meal .

A Chance Meeting  

My friend is a great hostess and attracts many people with her warmth and I had to laugh ‘that they were shopping to provide a meal that evening’.  I was about to leave her with her guests when they arrived back and was pleased to meet a friend of hers and invited me to share the meal.

The Family

It was such a strange evening!, it appeared that one of the women was a health professional the same as my friend and Ihad been .  One of the other women was a teacher and the other people were connected by marriage and also a brother of the two women.  

My friend has always been interested in mindfulness but it was new to me.  The teacher taught mindfulness to vulnerable women in her country and said that women would be given instruction in mindfulness.  Following this instruction, they would initially buy ingredients and cook and sell food in the marketplace and slowly build on this and was able to provide for their families.

I listened and was totally drawn into her conversation and knowledge, she said that ‘we were deserving and worthy’ and should take time to meditate.  

‘Mindfulness a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while

Calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations, used as a

Therapeutic  technique’.

Since this chance meeting I have looked further into mindfulness.  I have bought books and dvd’s. Read and watched both ,  practiced meditation, The Laws of Attraction and Source Energy.

During one night session of meditation my thoughts had been focussed on being able to take retirement at 60 and how I could supplement my pension.  I had been attracted earlier in the evening to an advert while waiting for my meditation to load on You-tube and clicked the link.  

The rest is history, I am now an Elite member of a business coaching and consultancy programme. I have been supported and educated in all areas of online business  There is always new information to master in marketing an online business and the best part is that I can earn while I continue to learn.

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