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There are many definitions of resistance, but I want to talk about the "psychological resistance" inherent in all of us.

When you where a child, like myself, I’m sure you heard “Don’t do this, Don’t touch that, Don’t, Don’t, Don’t”. In the same light there was also the word “Can’t”. In most cases when we heard these it was from some figure of authority, like a parent or teacher and it was said with the emotions of fear and anger.

Ironically it was their fear being transmitted on us, which is only a concerned human reaction. I am a parent and find myself behaving the same way to my children. Children cannot rationalise and internalise everything, no wonder why we all grew up conditioned in the negative and became full of fear and apprehension, I know I did.

As I got older and continued the same negative mantra in my own meta story, I came to & continued to be very careful (fearful) in all areas of my life. My Core Belief was “The World is a dangerous place”. I never wanted to make an impression, stand out or take risks.

My Self esteem and confidence were very low. I ended up an alcoholic, primarily I feel due my negative core belief and the way I felt about myself.

Since getting sober 14 years ago, I have been doing a lot of self development and even trained and have worked to date as an addiction counsellor & CBT therapist. Yes initially it was very hard work and definitely made me push my boundaries, but once I qualified, settled into it and it became my routine, my comfort zone was re-established again.

We are growth seeking beings and stagnation, in my belief leads to a total breakdown in motivation and burn out. I need to be stimulated and motivated and I continue to strive every day absorbing insight from many great life teachers, through daily reflections, meditations, e-books, books, DVD’s, downloads.

It’s not that I want to be more knowledgeable, but more enlightened so as to be aware when I have that epiphany or Light bulb moment!!.

But do you know what, and this caused a whole array of emotions in me, I have been having that light bulb moment ALL the time. I was resisting it by not allowing it in.

I have again listened to many wise life coaches, AA recovery groups, read books etcetera advising, even pleading to me to “Let Go”, but still the resistance was there as was the fear of letting go.

SFM Tribe has been a great growth for me as it is in seeing other likeminded people with an open mind, struggling with the same issue as resistance and having the courage to push through, their vulnerability and humility to ask each other for help. This is unique in the business world as there is normally huge competition amongst company employees “dog eat dog”.

This sold SFM to me, as they genuinely do want you to succeed, both leaders and members, not because it makes good business sense, but it’s the ethos of, “Pay it forward”.

I wish to Pay it forward to you & say to you, do yourself a favour, let go of your resistance and click the link below........

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