Selling face to face hints and tips

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Only you can make a difference.

You have a product, let's say it's a good product and your company research tells you that you have it at the right time and in the right place in the market. The company is very excited, you are very excited (or at least you should be). You have been provided with all the tools, graphics, competitive pricing, guarantee etc. And of course a client. Hopefully you have realized that the client is here to buy. Why? Because they are sat in front of you!

No its not that easy.....

There are, however, some similar products already out there. They function much the same as your product, they have the same or similar uses, the pricing, afterservice and guarantee are much the same. You should be aware, that, your client has researched this product and come to the conclusion that this is what they need/want. You should also be aware, that they, have probably already sat through other presentations and the fact, that they are here with you, means, they are not yet convinced by the ones they have already seen, (or they would not be here).

Let’s look at the indicators:

  • You have the product.
  • The client needs the product.
  • The client has studied the product.
  • The client has sat through other presentations and is not yet convinced.
  • The client wants to buy the product.

Hang On we're not there yet...

So what is it, what do you have in your artillery that can persuade the client that your’s is the one to buy, Forsaking all others. Where is your close? What is your rabbit in a hat? What is your U.S.P

Simple. YOU ARE!

You are the difference between your product and every thing else similar on the market.
In face to face meetings people buy from people, make sure its you!!


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