Christine Williams

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As a mother, a teacher, and a friend I have been able to work in whats considered a very safe career. However, my life has had a monumental shake-up.

Working as a teacher for 20+ years in a profession that I once enjoyed had changed. It had become unbearably stressful. My colleagues and I worked 60+ hours/week, under ever-increasing pressure. To work harder, faster and better. Increasing accountability, assessments and gathering data seemed to be more important than teaching. Performance appraisals by management who had not been in a classroom for 10+ years, in-house politics and personal prejudices were creating a toxic environment. It was hideous and I wanted out.

I noticed I had changed and I didn't like who I was anymore. Where I used to always have a smile, a laugh and a positive attitude, I had become miserable.
I thought there must be more out there. There must be a better way. But what?

Then one day our boss informed the staff that we had to loose one teacher and after a "fair" process was seen to be observed, I was the one chosen to go.

Now I'm forced to make the move that I never thought I could. This time I'm determined to follow my dream. A life that allows me freedom to control where, when and how hard I work. A life of independence where I might realise the dream that others feel may be impossible. I am searching for the possibility of a life that has more purpose, meaning and fulfilment than I could ever have imagined.

I believe my search has ended. I have found a life where I can actually live. The traditional work model is changing fast and the digital world is growing. I am now part of this. I am about to re-educate and up-skill myself to use the internet to set up my own laptop lifestyle.

By sharing what I learn with as many people as possible I hope others who are looking for more income and a better lifestyle will find what they're looking for too. This isn't going to be easy. Its going to take hard work, practice and getting put of my comfort zone, but it"ll be worth it. I have an amazing opportunity.

Fortunately I have found another job that will get me through this transition period.

Once I have reached a level of independence, my goal is to help others to reach theirs.

My interests include: spending time with friends and family, art-colour and all things visually stimulating, interiors, furniture, upholstery, restorations (basic stuff), music, choir, eating (as opposed to cooking), reading, walking in nature, searching for waterfalls, walking my dog, travelling (one day), education, learning-technology, future trends, society.

I have dreams of adventure and travel that I want to make a reality.