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Marcello Cicchini (Carlos Marcelo Cicchini) was born in Argentina in 1965, and lived there until 1990. Afterwards, he moved to Italy and, soon after he started his pastoral journey that lasted 15 years, ending around 2005... until something had shifted inside of him that caused the beginning of a profound change. From then on, he began painting, reading new kind of books, writing his thoughts, showing his art and continuously looking for self-improvement.
During his continuous search for personal fulfillment in doing new things, he realizes that nothing a human can do or have, can ever add or detract from their true identity and that any aid that a man can have, comes from a source that seems to be within himself. In 2009 he moved to the State of Washington, USA, where he lives and works. Published author of two books, a paranormal mystery and an inspirational illustrated story.
Marcello is a North Western based artist.
He founds inspiration in focusing on the brush 'stroke' he can accomplish at this exact moment.
'Just THIS moment... Creation it is not handmade. Creation requires no action... it happens through you without knowing what you're doing. The only requirement: Be Now.'
'I've sold mostly originals. In fact, I have a few originals in my possession right now and all the rest is gone, but not their images... they last forever. I started showing my art at the end of 2005 in Italy... it was a challenge and I embraced it. '
'What I feel is a strong desire to pick up a brush and stain some canvas, crazy things and incoherent patterns like... red sounds, yellows whispers, orange melodies or blue hisses. Waves, spaces, distances, flowers and leaves. Light, time, protection and love! All those things I mentioned know where to go, they choose which place to occupy on the canvas. How many times have they told me what they wanted! I have only fulfilled their desires. Nothing is missing in my life. I have body, soul and spirit. And love... and I feel it.'