Where do you want to be in the next 10 years?

by Constantin Obreja Business, Communications, Writing and Speaking
Where do you want to be in the next 10 years? It's a simple question. Do you have an answer? The truth is that most people don't even know what they want from their future. They're so wrapped up in their current lives and dramas that they don't have time to dream about something better for tomorrow. If you're on this page, however, you aren't like everyone else. You feel the call to become something more. I used to be the same way, ...
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Setting the Agenda

by John Collett Business, Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Setting the Agenda is a vital part of any sales appointment.  There is nothing worse than going into an appointment and not knowing what is going to happen.  Setting the agenda allows you to lower the customer anxiety and allows you to deal with objections that can come up later in the appointment.  What we going to cover is this. .  Hurdling Brick Walls .  Setting the agenda .  Dealing with time   Hurdling Brick Walls  Brick walls are the list of objections a customer gives ...
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by Erica Hentz Brand Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Communications
SELF-AWARENESS – MAKES YOU A GOOD HOUSEMATE   Self-awareness is one of the most important skills in life to create a harmonious living with other people Let’s be real, we all have some pattern buried deeply within us that makes us act and be the way we are. Self-awareness builds up accordingly to our life experiences. A person that lived his entire life with parents might have a bit of a struggle when living with strangers for the first time and this means ...
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Workplace Stress affects 73% of Employees

by Mary Crawford Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
Did you now that Workplace Stress affects 73% of Employees? by Reporter Sarah-Jane Tasker Most Australian workers are stressed at work and many believe their employers had the responsibility to combat the issue, in an emerging trend driven by millennials. A new workplace survey has revealed 73 per cent of workers are stressed about work and stressed workers are 2½ times more likely to look for a new job in the next year than those who are not stressed. The survey also shows 85 ...
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Breakthrough your Success blockers

by Lori Childers-Paoletti Finance, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Communications
Are you ready for a mindset shift to fuel your Dreams? Do you ever wonder why you have done all the work yet you're not seeing results? You create a vision board, you take action daily, you do the 5 things leaders do, you keep engaging, you reach for help, and still you see no results. You ask yourself Why?  Well, you have come to the right place to find some answers to these questions. It is a simple concept and entirely ...
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by Adeana Church Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
I would have to say that most tensions arise from a simple break in communication. Although I completely understand this concept, subconciously, at times, it is still difficult to understand others perceptions when I am ANGRY. After failing time and time again reacting to others, I found that I was most succesful when I began to apply  "empathy" in my life; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. At times, when we are expressing ourselves, we tend ...
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8 Strategies for Saying No

by Ayham Alhawar Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Many of us are taught from a young age to be "people pleasers" who say yes to others all the time for fear of being disliked. In the workplace, it might be for fear of what the boss might say, or of being seen as someone who isn’t a "team player." But other people’s goals are not yours, and the more you say yes to them, the more you will stray from your chosen path. If what you are being asked ...
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What Are Your Personal Traits

by RUFUS ADEBAYO Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Here is a list of character traits in a number of sentences apply to you that can really help you to know yourself better, your interests and what actually use to motivate you along with you are capable of doing. What matters is to identify with utmost sincerity and do not worry about contradicting yourself. You know you can be alternatively cheerful or bad, an extrovert or introvert. Look at the list carefully and do not leave any of the traits ...
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Surround yourself with positive people

by Lori Childers-Paoletti Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
In today's world, there is a growing trend of people lifting each other up. Through strife, we reach towards the greater good. Positive brings Growth in every aspect of life. By surrounding yourself with positive people you too will grow and prosper. It is a matter of lifting each other up now and not tearing each other down. I don't think everyone has received this message ^_^. We can only do our individual part in creating this positive change. One ...
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How To Sell A Product

by Henry Asaa Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications, Shopping and Product Reviews
With These Essential Strategies, One Can Sell Any Product or Services Faster, Anywhere And To Anybody, Be It On Amazon, eBay, Walmart As Long As The Person Follows The Principle.    Create A Story- Do you know that the stories behind a product or services can determine the market value of that particular product or services? Sometimes people tend to buy stories instead of buying value because the story behind the commodity is fascinating or the manner, which the story presented. If ...
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Design your digital presence for the mobile

by Chris Brown Business, Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
  Design you digital presence for the mobile   It's official - more people are using mobile devices Latest official Internet Access data released last week in the UK confirms more people are searching, buying and decision making using their mobile and smartphones.  This means they are searching for financial freedom, ways to make extra income and working from home opportunities while they are waiting for the train, travelling on the bus or walking to the office.  eport shows you must design your digital presence if ...
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If you want more readers read this article

by Chris Brown Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Communications, Writing and Speaking
  If you want more readers read these tips   How many articles do you actually read from start to finish? Chances are, like many people who are busy, you scan your way through them instead of reading line by line. Look around and you'll notice most of that scanning is done on mobile phones at the breakfast table, riding the bus or travelling the train. Design your page layout so it's easy to scan. Scientific studies have uncovered that people scan ...
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Are you following industrial programming in the digital age?

by Chris Brown Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Learn what it really takes to succeed in today's digital world It used to be all about your hands. During the Industrial Revolution what mattered most was what you could do with your hands. It didn't matter what you thought... repetitive manual work was your currency. If you could lift it, move it or make it quicker than the next person you got the job. Someone who had worked through the ranks gave you instructions and you followed them. If you tried to ...
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It's easy to despise what you value least

by Chris Brown Business, Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Communications
For anyone despising what you value least. I've written this from memory and is a story from Aesop's Fables called "The Stag". There was once a stag drinking from a lake. He caught a glimpse of his reflection in the still cool water. "What geat antlers I have: long and sharp, I am proud to have these crown my head." He said. Then he saw his legs in the same reflection and his pride disappeared. "What stick thin legs I have" he moaned, ...
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Change is inevitable... except from vending machines

by Chris Brown Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Change is marmite Whether you're lucky enough to get it from a vending machine or it just happens, change is all around us. It can be something we strive for in ourselves or hope for in others. Change is marmite - you either love it or hate it :) Change happens Think about the changes around you over the past 20 years, I remember a time when I had to go to the library to find out information. How many changes did you ...
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When you think things are falling apart; they're really falling into place!

by Lori Childers-Paoletti Self Improvement, Communications, Writing and Speaking
"Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing,"-Tilopa When you least expect it life twists and turns and you feel like things are falling apart, then suddenly things fall right into place for a greater good. My friend Taura told a story of being "Gracefully Broken" she explains this exactly. Check out her post below.  My dear friend Taura with her words of wisdom  Today I ran into a bit of a hiccup with my website too! While panicking ...
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Create A Lifestyle: Not Just Business And Making Money

by Roch Elias Business, Computers and Technology, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Communications, Home and Family
Introduction In this 21st century, there is a certain way of thinking that needs to be adopted if you are to remain relevant and live a fulfilled life. I am not kidding about this; I am sharing this as someone who cares because I have seen countless people living below the priviledges of life as they are stuck in the 20th century mindset while we are now in the 21st century. How can one use analogy systems in a digital age ...
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Six ways to increase the web presence of your small business (Part II)

by Marc Croteau Business, Computers and Technology, Communications
Last week I published the first part of this article containing the first three steps that I think you'll find incredibly valuable in strengthening the overall presence of your business online. Here is a link to last week's article. Today I will (obviously) give you 3 more things that you can do to give your small business that extra boost it may need - not only in the search engines, but also in the brains of all those around you! 4. Learn ...
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3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

by Danielle Paphitis Internet and Businesses Online, Communications, Writing and Speaking
It's easy to go overboard when trying to build a social following. Social media marketing can be a little bit like walking into your favorite Gelato bar... there are so many options to choose from it's tempting to want to taste a little bit of each. There are Billions of potential customers just hanging out on these platforms but where do you start when you have limited time to do them all well? There's no denying that social media marketing is a powerful ...
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Freedom to Embrace Gratitude

by Louise Barry-Taylor Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Travel and Leisure, Health and Fitness, Recreation and Sports, Self Improvement, Communications, Kids and Teens, Pets
Is gratitude one of the latest and greatest buzzwords or is it real?  So much is said about gratitude, Opera Winfrey spoke about keeping a gratitude journal on her show for many years; according to Greater Good Magazine research has proven that gratitude improves our mental health; Conscious Lifestyle Magazine published an article titled "The Health Benefits of Gratitude - 6 Scientifically Proven Ways Being Grateful Rewires Your Brain + Body for Health".  These results came up for me on ...
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