by Neil Meyers Arts and Entertainment, Relationships, Self Improvement, Book Reviews, Communications, Writing and Speaking
For more blog postings: ELYSIUM'S PASSAGE: SURREAL ADVENTURES is the second novel in the ELYSIUM'S PASSAGE novel series. The projected release date is this summer of 2019 and will be the first sequel to ELYSIUM'S PASSAGE: THE SUMMIT which was published in spring of 2018. Details of the hard copy or eBook may be viewed online at Amazon:           The plot of SURREAL ADVENTURES continues where THE SUMMIT leaves off. The narrative becomes even more intriguing with its ...
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Tired Of Failed Under-Water Communication

by Shawn Fitzgerald News and Society, Communications, Reference and Education
After a lot of time and going over copious amounts of research on underwater communication i have come to discover that we are still very limited with resources and still in a prehistoric understanding to the concept. I and many others believe in the last 10years the human race has had some of the most explosive technological advancements in current times than has ever before seen. click here to continue reading
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What is your purpose of life?

by Louise Eriksson Jacka Business, Self Improvement, Communications
What do you want to become?Do you ever feel lost wondering what your purpose of life is? What would your dream life look like, if there were no limitations or obstacles in the way? Where would you be and what would you do? Are you the best person you can be? Do you want to feel more inspired and do something meaningful? Big questions but so important to reflect on.Who are you surronded by?It is said that "You are the ...
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Our new addictive digital lifestyle

by Sarah Karlstrom Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Health and Fitness, Communications
As you will notice, I am also interested in the technology of different kinds.  Right now we have a very interesting development of digital technology. But there are divided sentences if you now like or dislike everything new.   The addictive digital lifestyle is sweeping across the country at an astonishing rate. Although many people have been able to successfully use technology to enhance many areas of their lives, others are disturbed by the wave of technology that continues to flow in at an accelerated ...
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Why we shouldn't have freedom of speech.

by Atwine Mugume Twinamatsiko Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Communications
Honestly tell me the last time you heard someone say something smart just before saying "I have freedom of speech". Let me see. Five minutes later and I still can't find an intelligent conversation that comes just before that it seems as if all the people that seem to want to say it say something unbecoming just before it. Which totally defeats the purpose of the freedom.  I highly doubt the whole concept of freedom of speech was intended to mean. Say ...
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How To Apply Digital Emotional Intelligence To Fast-Track Your Online Business.

by Tim O'Dwyer Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
In this article I want to explain what Digital Emotional Intelligence (DEI) is, and how you can apply it to your online business.  Here's the hack: DEI can directly be applied through using Seth Godin's Permission Marketing techniques... I.Q.? Have you been seeing a lot of IQ Test apps popping up on your browser lately? Over the past 100 years there has been an emphasis on the grey matter we have been born with, and measured by your Intelligence Quotient or IQ Test. They ...
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60+ die Rente kommt

by Lukas Joachim Thiemann Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Communications
Der Maßstab ist das Geld Es definiert die Lebensgrundlagen. Ein paar Jahre vor der Rente sind "sie" noch in Arbeit. "Sie" machen sich Gedanken, wie es in der Rente mit weniger Einkommen weiter gehen kann? Meine Erfahrung mit Kollegen im Gesundheitssystem Da die Höhen der Renten nicht sehr konsistent ausfallen wird, sei es auch zu zweit, wird der Lebensstandard, wenn er über das Geld definiert wird, runter geschraubt. Dieses Gedankenkonstrukt besteht auch in der öffentlichen Meinung, da schwingen "sie" mit. Manche nehmen noch ...
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Mentoring – who needs that?

by Louise Eriksson Jacka Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
Simply become better peopleI have always believed in myself and my capabilities. I rarely ask for help. I am positive but do not have the best patience. I would like things to happen fast. Now. I am a doer. If I get no help, I fix it myself. I have no problem making decisions. It is either "yes" or "no", not "maybe". I prefer to listen to people, rather than talking myself. It is much more exciting and interesting to ...
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Change your Mind Change your life, Today!

by Atwine Mugume Twinamatsiko Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Finance, Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Communications
I am reading a very interesting book written by Dr. Dispenza Joe and the book title is: Breaking the Habit of being yourself. I have to say I am astonished by the discoveries I have made while reading this book. I have learnt so much about myself that it is quite scary. You would think you know yourself very much since you have been living with you for all your life and then here comes someone who then makes you realize you ...
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Where do you want to be in the next 10 years?

by Constantin Obreja Business, Communications, Writing and Speaking
Where do you want to be in the next 10 years? It's a simple question. Do you have an answer? The truth is that most people don't even know what they want from their future. They're so wrapped up in their current lives and dramas that they don't have time to dream about something better for tomorrow. If you're on this page, however, you aren't like everyone else. You feel the call to become something more. I used to be the same way, ...
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Facebook, the concept of friendship: How to set up your personal profile online for business

by Atwine Mugume Twinamatsiko Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Self Improvement, Communications
If you are reading you are probably thinking, that is also a thing? Learning how to set up your profile? Yeah, it is a thing in fact. Let's take an example of when you receive a friend request on Facebook let us see if you will accept the friend request after carefully considering the following: No profile pic: people put all sorts of things on their profiles. Cars, statues etc. I am not saying people don't have a right to put what ...
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Affiliate Marketing - Why, What and How?

by Louise Eriksson Jacka Internet and Businesses Online, Communications, Writing and Speaking
What is Affiliate Marketing?The definition from Wikipedia is:"Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate´s own marketing efforts."In other words, you earn a commission by promoting a company´s products. You find products you like, promote the products and earn part of the profit for each sale you manage to achieve.Why become an affiliate marketer?Affiliate Marketing is pretty simple to set up and ...
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Setting the Agenda

by John Collett Business, Home Based Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Setting the Agenda is a vital part of any sales appointment.  There is nothing worse than going into an appointment and not knowing what is going to happen.  Setting the agenda allows you to lower the customer anxiety and allows you to deal with objections that can come up later in the appointment.  What we going to cover is this. .  Hurdling Brick Walls .  Setting the agenda .  Dealing with time   Hurdling Brick Walls  Brick walls are the list of objections a customer gives ...
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by Erica Hentz Brand Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Communications
SELF-AWARENESS – MAKES YOU A GOOD HOUSEMATE   Self-awareness is one of the most important skills in life to create a harmonious living with other people Let’s be real, we all have some pattern buried deeply within us that makes us act and be the way we are. Self-awareness builds up accordingly to our life experiences. A person that lived his entire life with parents might have a bit of a struggle when living with strangers for the first time and this means ...
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Workplace Stress affects 73% of Employees

by Mary Crawford Computers and Technology, Internet and Businesses Online, Communications
Did you now that Workplace Stress affects 73% of Employees? by Reporter Sarah-Jane Tasker Most Australian workers are stressed at work and many believe their employers had the responsibility to combat the issue, in an emerging trend driven by millennials. A new workplace survey has revealed 73 per cent of workers are stressed about work and stressed workers are 2½ times more likely to look for a new job in the next year than those who are not stressed. The survey also shows 85 ...
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Breakthrough your Success blockers

by Lori Childers-Paoletti Finance, Health and Fitness, Self Improvement, Communications
Are you ready for a mindset shift to fuel your Dreams? Do you ever wonder why you have done all the work yet you're not seeing results? You create a vision board, you take action daily, you do the 5 things leaders do, you keep engaging, you reach for help, and still you see no results. You ask yourself Why?  Well, you have come to the right place to find some answers to these questions. It is a simple concept and entirely ...
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by Adeana Church Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
I would have to say that most tensions arise from a simple break in communication. Although I completely understand this concept, subconciously, at times, it is still difficult to understand others perceptions when I am ANGRY. After failing time and time again reacting to others, I found that I was most succesful when I began to apply  "empathy" in my life; the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. At times, when we are expressing ourselves, we tend ...
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8 Strategies for Saying No

by Ayham Alhawar Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Many of us are taught from a young age to be "people pleasers" who say yes to others all the time for fear of being disliked. In the workplace, it might be for fear of what the boss might say, or of being seen as someone who isn’t a "team player." But other people’s goals are not yours, and the more you say yes to them, the more you will stray from your chosen path. If what you are being asked ...
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What Are Your Personal Traits

by RUFUS ADEBAYO Business, Self Improvement, Communications
Here is a list of character traits in a number of sentences apply to you that can really help you to know yourself better, your interests and what actually use to motivate you along with you are capable of doing. What matters is to identify with utmost sincerity and do not worry about contradicting yourself. You know you can be alternatively cheerful or bad, an extrovert or introvert. Look at the list carefully and do not leave any of the traits ...
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Surround yourself with positive people

by Lori Childers-Paoletti Business, Home Based Business, Internet and Businesses Online, Relationships, Self Improvement, Communications
In today's world, there is a growing trend of people lifting each other up. Through strife, we reach towards the greater good. Positive brings Growth in every aspect of life. By surrounding yourself with positive people you too will grow and prosper. It is a matter of lifting each other up now and not tearing each other down. I don't think everyone has received this message ^_^. We can only do our individual part in creating this positive change. One ...
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