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“Hidden benefit Nr 10: You'll Get Non-Stop “Pattern Interrupts” To Keep you Awake!


          It's shocking but true... 90%+ of your thoughts you're having now were the same as yesterday –

WHAT!!! How is that possible?

There is nothing new under the sun, BUT...

According to leading experts, If you don’t change and do something different then your old thought habits will easily overwhelm any new good thoughts – so you have to interrupt their patterns.


And the way you interrupt their patterns is by NEW thinkingNot new learning, but by questioning what you’ve already learnt so that you improve your understanding of it.

Which could mean:


This happens automatically when you answer other members' questions, or you give your opinion on something.Because then YOU are engaged and thoughts that aren’t your own, just old habtits starting effortlessly to dissolve in the process!

Yeahhh you could actually experience that magic if following a certain process!


 A community with a culture of positive influence is your pattern interrupt, your mind gymnasium. You’ll have the most amazing life transforming experience at your fingertips if you start using it.… Your world will literally change, you'll start an entirely NEW experience of life... but depending on how out of touch you were from the start … when you put it down your ego or nutter if you will, will find cunning ways to create new bugs… This is one of the key parts of what a great community members site is about, spotting your ego’s new subterfuge techniques and dissolving them.


You see, the right community can work just like your holidays in life… You probably can’t remember what you did 3 weeks ago, but you can remember your holidays… CLEARLY!

          Why? It's because they are a pattern interrupt… The benefit of this is hard to put a prize on! It gets you to a state of being predominantly present and then allows you to continually cultivate your mind with regular pattern interrupts until you reach the point of you defaulting to predominantly present instead of predominantly unconscious. Therefore to avoid the waking sleep you must regularly interrupt your pattern so that you remain predominantly conscious.


          Now, we could go on and on talking about the benefits of joining the right community. But rather than listen to us why not take a test drive and see if it fits you, if it fits then you can be in for a life changing experience or if the worst happens it is not a fit, at least now you know if a community is for you or not!

This was the last article in this series.

and understand there has been a lot to consider here...

Thanks for your patience! 

You probably can’t expect to get it all at a first read

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