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“Hidden benefit Nr 5: You'll Get Totally Immersed in The Process of Success WITHOUT the normal distractions!


The biggest obstacle to your success is your unconscious self-sabotage. If you doubt this exists, then try to watch a TV program for 60 minutes and remain present. The TV will hypnotise you and you will be unconscious. The question is when will your unconscious period end? Dont judge! Just consider this being a possibility for now...


     ... And how much damage will you do to your self image while you are unconscious! Your work to remain conscious and moving the right way is mainly getting advice from the right people. And where do you think you get that? From your surroundings who never experienced what you are about to do

OR ....

would you rather ask someone who has done it or someone like me who has access to that knowledge?

It is obviuos, isn’t it?
But it’s so easy to get advice because it is free even if it is BAD ADVICE!

"What got you here won't get you there"


... After 2 weeks, we recall 70% of what we say when participating in a discussion or giving a talk. And that's what you'll be doing EVERY TIME you engage in a community.Repetition is a master skill, when we really want to learn.Continous tuning could that be the answer to really KNOW IT?

Could spending time and engage in a community while doing what is needed,decreasing self sabotage your success over time?

The way to avoid slipping into unconscious thought could it be immersing yourself in a community and share your dreams/thoughts/desires and remaining there until you can protect yourself from the naysayers?

Learning how to think rather than what to think, that we are overloaded with could that differ from people that succeeds with their goals/dreams/desgins?

Because IF knowledge alone isn’t the answer; then what is the value of how to think so you can APPLY the knowledge? But probably it is impossible to figure that out intellectually at this stage?

          But until it has stuck, becoming your default thought or action, then you haven’t ‘learnt’ it.Instead you are still learning it. And if you are not studying it, then you are not even doing that – You must create a new habit to really learn and retain it, this tough lesson is what I been taught from top achievers.


There is a lot to think about there!

Thanks for taking your time reading!

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