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“Hidden benefit Nr 7: You'll Get Inspired To Take Action!


Every personal development teacher keeps telling you to take action, take action. They are right, there really is magic in it.


          When you feel like trapped and don’t know which way to go because fear hinders you and essentially stop you! Then it is like a blind leading a blind.

You probably know that personal development has been out there for almost 15 years. Wouldn't it be fair to assume that everyone succeeds with their life reading a book? But they aren't,are they? Where are all the successes then with their big dreams?Can you mention some? If you can GREAT! But chances are they did it by accident and not by choice/plan so they can't replicate how they did it.And the sad thing is that you may think that you can learn it by doing what they did! By experience of thousands and thousands of people in our circles the sad truth is that most people need some guidance if they want to get past their limiting belifes and really succeed on their terms.

          What the right community can really help you with is keep you on the right path; and yes you will fall of the horse at times, but you will always be back for inspiration if you choose to- and the most important part  the community encourage you to take action at some point before you see the path clearly yourself and that allows you to grow at your speed as not all wisdom can be gathered before you make your first move. You have to look outside to know what the weather is like. The community helps you create the possibly new habit of taking action.


          Most of the problem with taking action is not knowing what action to take. A by-product of being in an allowing environment is almost without realising you will discover the step you should be working on right now. If that doesn’t show itself, then once you have given a little effort then why not ask for some guidance?… You’ll find plenty of people more than happy tol offer help.Because they know by helping you they are helped in other ways.


Life gets in the way – When you read powerful stuff you feel inspired to act. However, have you noticed how sometimes six months later you didn’t act and you look back and wonder… ‘Why didn’t I do something then?'


          Well, It is because your life probably got in the way… Your old habits took over and you fell back into the waking sleep… You unconsciously self-sabotaged your success. What your pears can help you with is to remain present and not fall back into the waking sleep… Your mind remains focused on you getting what you want until and beyond when you become successful, because you are at the same wave length as your community friends.Soo... rather than figure it out all alone .... Engage in the right community can save you lots of time

There is a lot to consider here...

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