Strategies/Tips when Ad Marketing or Email Marketing.

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When Marketing with Social Site Ads or Emails, it's important to have a strategy, because it will be what convinces the customers you target if they want to read on about what you are marketing. It is not easy to know how or what to start with when sending Ads/emails, but these tips will help you get an idea on how to reach out to your targeted audience, and make conversions through your Ads or Emails you send out. SFM( given me GREAT advice when I started out and if these tips don't help I recommend using thier advice.

TIP#1. HAVE A GOOD HEADLINE: Why should the vistor bother with opening your Ad or Email? The vistor or viewer doesn't care if your product won an award or if it's what people are doing, they care about how it will benefit themselves. Using a headline like "Get energy fast, using these methods" if you're selling energy drinks to a reader that is always on the go, will have a more likely open ratio then someone who's relaxed and not worried about time.

TIP#2. SPLIT TEST AND TRACK YOUR ADS/EMAILS: Don't just assume your Ad or Emails are working effectively, and you don't know what you dont track. Split testing is running an Ad/Email side by side and seeing which one is getting more of a response, then using the most effective to continue running the effective Ad/Email for that product. Don't test on Facebook or Instagram as it will cause people to just flat out ingnore your Ads, they dont log in to be sold, use Twitter its more effective and doesn't cause an alarm when out there. Use tracking Ad sites to track sales, its easy to use, and shows you who's a new reader or if its a flagged viewer (a bot). Remember also that the only thing worse then having not enough information about your product is to send misinformation, it'll cause readers not to trust you or any future Ads/Emails you place.

TIP#3. DON'T FORCE VISTORS TO MAKE DECISIONS: Avoid forks in your Ads. An Example: They click on your Ad that takes them to one page, then they have to click on another button just to be taken to another page, then they have to click on another button just to be sent to another page again. Viewers or Readers don't like to be stringed along. The Ad should only need 1click or 2 max, anymore then that and the viewer loses interest and opts out. Most people don't opt out because they dont like your product, but because of procastination. The more steps viewers have to take the on a page, the more likely they opt out.

Bonus tip: Always Give before you ask, whether its advice or a free tool, always give before you ask a viewer for their time of day.

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