3 reasons to go mobile with your Time Management

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I always have my phone these days and I bet you do too. I use it for everything. Capturing photos, as a watch, staying in touch with friends, searching for place to go and products to buy. It makes perfect sense to have my diary on there.

The paper diary on my desk is bulky, and it won’t be where I need it when I have to get out of the house in a hurry during an emergency. In fact, I won’t even be thinking about my diary in an emergency but I will be glad I have my phone and when things calm down I will be glad I have all my appointments on my phone including contact information. 

I don't think it is important which app you use to book your appointments as long as you use i for everything. Having more than one system can be too confusing and if you forget to put things into both you may miss an appointment.  

3 reasons to use my phone to help me with time management

1. I always have my phone with me and these days.  It makes perfect sense for me to use it as a time management tool. You can have your diary and too do list on there if you have the right app or the right online tool. 
2. I need my client contact details with me when I am out and about. If its in my phone (and as long as it is charged up) I will always have their contact details. 
3. I sometimes work from my computer and sometimes on my phone. My phone and computer diary automaticly syncs, and its easy to make changes on either PC or smart phone.

What do I use? 

I was using Google Calendar and I love the layout and ease of using it. I was syncing to my computer so I could update in one and it would appear in the other. So, what changed?What changed was that my needs changed and Google Calendar couldn't do what I wanted anymore. 

  1. I found it became important to me that customers to get an email to confirm appointments.
  2. I wanted customers to book their own appointments and change them themselves.
  3. I wanted them to get a reminder by email and text to make sure them turn up.

I decided on www.ezybook.co.nz and I use this on my website for one business and use it to book appointments for clients in other businesses I own where I don't want them so involved with the booking but want to capture their contact details and give them reminders. 

I can block out when I don't want to be available, I can give multi location options for dates and times when they book. I am now building a list of client details that cant be lost in a fire. I can update the calendar from my PC or phone anywhere. Whether I am with a client and they need to book or rebook, or one the phone and I need to schedule them in right there and then....I can do it all from my phone. Ezy! 

Let me know what is woking for you in the comments.

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