Time for career change at 40

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I am 59 years old and have had a few experiences along my journey of life. These blogs are about my success and failures , trauma and determination to succeed. I have been in sales and  business for most of my life. I progressed from my career in sales: working for various companys .Then I made the move into business because I needed to feel fulfilled and happy. When I worked in field sales I had property that I rented as an enterprise that created a passive income. Then Finally I bought a going concern in wholesale. I worked at this for15 years before I had to close it. This was a major trauma in my life BUT the turning point to happiness and the road to further success. Before we proceed I just want to paint a picture : The market conditions when I bought this business was perfect. The competition was falling apart, who were Large companys by comparison and opened up opportunity for the smaller business. when I bought the business turnover was about 600,000 and falling. I turned it around and grew to 2.6 milion in the following 13 years. Then the market conditions changed and turnover started to fall , the short story is I had to close the business down.


  • Why go into business

Most of us go into business to achieve more, the main driver is more income. The down side of this mind set is we may start or buy a business that we are not passionate about. Others go into business BECAUSE they are passionate about that product or service in their chosen field. Some do so because they are unhappy working for someone else and don't like answering to a boss.


  • What type of person goes into business

The immediate answer is ANYONE can do it, However usually the person is ambitious or driven. This can link into the why question. Some will go into business to help others by offering a service to give others hope. These types tend to be successful as they are usually very passionate about what they do.


  • What business should we go into 

This is the big question ! my advise would be to look at what you feel your skills are, this could be experience you have had in your work environment or an interest you have experience in. The bottom line is you need a key component of common ground you understand then develop that knowledge to take you into business


I will be posting further blogs to follow on with this information to look at where we go from the questions posed today. Blogging is my new passion, I have fun coupled with happiness and fulfilment.  

I want to thank you for reading my blog, would you please share like and comment. 

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