4 Tips to Help you Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

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Public Speaking has always been a skill that I want to master. However, it is easier said than done. Every time I get on stage fear paralyze my whole body, effective and clear communication becomes a real challenge. So how can I tackle this fear to reach my goal? I want to share with you 4 tips to implement in order to achieve your dream of being a great speaker.

-Know your topic

-Reduce Stress

-Challenge yourself

-Engage with your audience

1.  Know your topic

The first time I went on stage for a speech reminded me of my first class as a teacher, lost, not really knowing what to say and how to say it.

So how to avoid this awkward situation, you know this moment where the fear of judgment is so intense that you can't look to your audience and instead you start to look at the ceiling or your shoes.

Prepare, prepare, prepare. The more you know your subject the more you will increase your confidence. My first public speech was in Chinese and far from being a great talk however, I knew it perfectly and had reviewed each part for an entire week.

The preparation makes a big difference when you begin as a speaker, so focus on a simple but well-structured speech before trying any improvisation.

2. Reduce Stress

When your cortisol levels increase (stress hormone) during your speech or just before to get on stage, deep breathing is a good ally. I meditate daily therefore when time to get on stage comes, I start to focus on my breathing as I use to do during meditation

I also visualize myself on the positive outcome, doing that helps me to build my confidence.

Remember that Glossophobia (fear of public speaking ) is one of the most commons of fears so don't feel odd, this is a totally usual challenge to overcome for all of us.

3. Challenge Yourself

I always dreamed to be a great public speaker but never took any action for years. However, public speaking is like anything in life, if you want to succeed you need challenge and repetition in the process.

Join a public speaking club is for me the best way to start, Toastmasters is probably the most well-known non-profit organization for public speakers, it is a great tool which helps you to improve your communication skills.

Since I joined a club, I committed to going weekly, therefore my confidence increased progressively and my dream is now getting closer.

4. Engage with your audience
Engage is not easy although this is the only way to deliver a successful speech. As my marketer's teacher use to say " if your content doesn't engage, it doesn't connect either "

The more you will engage with your audience the more likely they will connect and interact in a positive way with your speech.

I find the Q&A method pretty efficient in order to keep your speech engaging with your audience, it gives them the opportunity to express directly their feelings about the ideas you are sharing.

Me at a public speaking event in China .2018
The key message in this article:

Glossophobia is a very common fear, therefore we need to prepare ourselves to face it with the right preparation and mindset. By practicing public speaking weekly and joining a club you will unlock your full potential quicker. So don't wait and commit to your personal growth by sharing your thoughts to the world.


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