5 Tips To Write Content With SEO In Mind And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

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OK, so you’ve learned the importance of SEO from our article ‘Do I really need website SEO for my new business?‘, and now it’s time to get started on optimizing your website for enhanced SEO value.

Whether you’re starting a blog, an eCommerce site or an informational site, writing content for the benefit of SEO is essential if you want to be discovered in Google, Bing or any other search engine. Here are the top tips to write content with SEO in mind:

1. Identify your big idea
As with all writing, it’s important to have a clear idea of the topic(s) you want to cover. This will ensure your content is clear and concise and will help you to discover related keywords.

2. Keyword research
Using your big idea, you can start by researching the keywords you want to target and include in your content. Tools such as Digital Business Lounge (DBL) which allow you to input a keyword and will show you a list of similar keywords, including the volume of searches, competition for those keywords.

One of my favorite features of the DBL is their Competitor Investigation which allows you to monitor:
- Rankings: track competitor rankings
- Backlinks: find pages that link to your competitors and compare backlink metrics of your site and those of your competitors
- Keyword research: enter the URL of your competitor and find out for what keywords the site is shown on the search engine results pages
- Buzz Tracker: track your competitors mentions in social networks
If you don’t have the budget for a keyword tool, consider the different search terms your target audience would be using to discover your content.

3. Incorporate keywords in your copy
Once you’ve identified your main keywords, include them in your copy. Ensure your content has a natural flow, as keyword stuffing is frowned upon by search engines – and would be difficult for readers to follow.

4. Add links
Both internal and external links play a very important part in SEO. Linking to pages on your own website assists search engines to navigate your site and to discover other pages. It is also beneficial to have other websites link back to your site, as this shows search engines that your content is good enough to be referred.

5. Structure your content using HTML elements
The structure of your content is important. Correctly tagging each content element will help search engines easily identify the key pieces of information on your page. If you are unfamiliar with HTML, there are a range of beginner tutorials available online, such as this one from W3C. Many online content editors also allow you to select text as ‘heading 1’, ‘heading 2’, ‘paragraph’ etc. without the need for HTML coding experience.

Employ the above tactics and you are well on your way to writing effective content for SEO.

Online Business Success Begins With:
-Becoming crystal clear on your passion & purpose
-Cultivating a tenacious belief in yourself, your product or service
-Developing your personal brand
- Learning how to market yourself effectively

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