It’s a Journey

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It’s a Journey

At some point of our lives we have all been hit with a life changing realisation. This could be about ourselves, a change in perspective and understanding of life or sometimes a thought can have a great in impact in the rest of our lives. What has that life changing realisation been for you?

Today I simply wanted to share that the reason sometimes we stop giving 100% or stop believing for an instant, is simply because we may forget that ‘It is a Journey’ and not a one-way trip. This seems logical and something impossible to not understand, but when you are working in your dream you become blinded by your vision and forget to enjoy the trip! This does not mean looking back to see how far you’ve come, that will simply make you invest energy in thoughts that will provide little value, what it does mean is to look at your surroundings, enjoy them and learning to be present. The reality is that you are not coming back to this stages in your life ever again, it’s simply the rule of time, we cannot go back but forwards, always, so being in this specific situation you are in life right now, it will not last forever, it may last for a minute, an hour, a day, maybe even a year, but eventually it will pass, and something new will come, new experiences, new goals, all leading to the same goal feeding from your vision.

My personal realisation was that the reason these guys that are at the top, earning a lot of money doing what they love and living the life they always aspired and dreamed of, fall into depressive states, or give in to pressure, decide to give up and stop, or are simply unhappy, is because they didn’t full experience but most importantly didn’t fully enjoy the journey to the top!

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As an athlete and someone hungry to win, my focus is so overwhelming that I forget to live in the moment. My happiness sometimes depends on the outcome of a match, tournament, and outside of my sport life I mainly focus in the result. Some of you may think that this is the merciless focus and aggressive approach you should also take to success but you must question what this does to your personal happiness and the people around you. On the other hand having such focus and hunger for success is a requisite to success but learning to be PRESENT is also another, that not many people speak about because perhaps this is the hardest, learning to be present doesn’t only help you give 120% but allows you to also give 120% in all areas of your life, remember that there are many aspects of life not just success (in a monetary, work, context), being present in social situations will truly help you be YOU , open, confident and full of energy. Being present with your family and those you love is perhaps the most important one as due to the inevitability of time, people come to perish and not to stay, so enjoying every moment giving them your undivided attention is so important. If are still looking for the job that allows you to spend more time with your loved ones this might be for you! 

Working from home and being a full-time athlete makes it difficult for me to find a place to let go for the day because the two things I love which are guiding others to achieve what they want and playing tennis still put me under a lot of mental and physical pressure and I have always made sure that my family are part of both of my worlds online and offline. So, you can imagine when I am not competing or training I am at home working non-stop and the moments with family and friends I sometimes can’t find a way of switching off my ‘Tennis Player’ mode off and my ‘Online Marketer’ mode off!

The reason I am sharing this is because I know I am not the only one that finds difficult to be present and because I want to hear from you guys what you do to help you and if you are going through the same. #OnlineMarketerProblems 😉

Stay on your path.

Efrain Herrera


Instagram: Efra555

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