Learning to fail!

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I was already in the fourth year at the University and was doing very well. I had to do only my final exams. I did not approve one subject and decided to leave it for the next year.  In the final exams, I did not approve one subject. I had the chance to take the exam again. I did and failed again. Oh God, I thought, I felt so frustrated because I had to repeat the year with only two subjects. I decide to quit The University, I thought that it was too much for me.  That year I did not do anything, just worked. I felt bitter about life, unhappy and miserable.



Changing my mind!

That year my older sister graduated from University as a lawyer and I felt inspired by her, if she could do it I could also.  I decided to enroll again and continue my career. That year I had only two subjects. I did very well and I passed to the last year of my career. After a year of hard work, I finished University. I received my degree in Accounting. I had already been working in the Accounting Area, so the company upgraded me and gave me a salary increase. I was so happy.

What I have learned from these experiences is that; we are not prepared to accept failures and mistakes. We think we must be perfect and it is not like that. Failures and making mistakes are all part of life and we are the only ones who can decide if we are going to complain the rest of our lives or,  see it as an experience and move on. Since then I have decided to see my failures and mistakes as positive experiences in my life and I always wonder what I have to learn here?

I was reading a book which said that the best example to follow is the athletes, they never give up when they lose they train harder for the next competition.


Hope this inspires you in some way 

If you think something is possible it is, all you need is to hear your heart and take action.


To be continued………

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