You Can’t Leave your job

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You read it right, you can’t leave your job… The job you worked so hard to get in the first place, risk your financial stability, risk you’re your families comfort, your comfort. You can leave your job… Not in this unemployment era, not in the era where everything has become more competitive, more people less jobs, you need minimum a degree and if you want decent pay then further education is necessary.


Can you leave your job? Can you pursue what you love doing and make it into a living, could you earn more money than you earn right now if you leave your job? Could you finally do what you would like to do and get payed for it?

I was reading an e-mail I received this week and the e-mail started by accusing me of ‘selling dreams’. This individual then further explained that not everyone can go and follow their dreams, there are some limitations that are out of their hands and I should stop conveying such messages as they sell ‘False dreams and flawed thinking’.  Receiving an e-mail like such, lets me know that as I have said before this is not for everyone, especially people that are not willing to stretch themselves and do things that is simply outside of their comfort zone. But it makes me pumped because I know that if my words are strong enough that someone has found them too inspirational to be true, I am on the right path 😊 in moments of doubt thinking of the possibility of achieving your goals and dreams always helps. You must simply determine whether is possible… If it is then you can and will achieve it if you decide to put all your energy and mind to it and if it isn’t then you simply haven’t found the way yet. There is no such as an impossible dream, the whole purpose of dreams, aspirations and goals is for them to be achieved and lived. They don’t yet exist, your job is to bring them to existence, remember you are a creator, and this process may take time, days, months, years but if you believe and work at it you will make your dream a reality.

The funny thing is that you have heard all of this before. But you have been exposed to negative people, social conditioning, developed thought patters and fears that are not even yours, you forgot about the importance of making winning a habit and surrounding yourself with winners. Les Brown said, ‘if you hang around with losers, you will become a loser, but if you hang around with 9 winners you are bound to be the 10th.’ Ladies and Gentlemen, it is hard changing your life. You will face disappointments, failures but if you keep believing and moving forwards, improving yourself, you will succeed. The problem is some of you are afraid to fail, you have ‘fear of failure’ and let me tell you something, You Are Not Failing Enough! You must understand that failing is positive not negative, you will fail your way to success… Read that again. If we do not know how to do something, then it is worth doing badly until we get it right. A great tennis player by the name of Stanislas Wawrinka has always highlighted the importance of failing in your journey to success, check out his tattoo.


“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail Better.”


Achieving your dream is possible, most importantly it is your only duty as a human being, to achieve your purpose and dream. So, don’t think of your dream as just a dream, but as a necessary component of your life and the life of others. Achieving it is necessary or you will deprive the whole world of your gift, message, and talents.

Stay focused.

Efrain Herrera. 

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