Affiliate Marketing - Why, What and How?

What is Affiliate Marketing?
The definition from Wikipedia is:
"Affiliate Marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate´s own marketing efforts."

In other words, you earn a commission by promoting a company´s products. You find products you like, promote the products and earn part of the profit for each sale you manage to achieve.

Why become an affiliate marketer?
Affiliate Marketing is pretty simple to set up and a popular way to make money online. Depending on how much time and efforts you are willing to put into becoming an affiliate, you are able to change your financial situation comprehensively.

Affiliate Marketing partnership
As an idividual you partner with a company in order to make a commission by referring visitors to the company´s specific products or services. You can join a variety of affiliate programs and start promoting their products. You can make text links, image links, banners or whatever links that suit best in the context you use it for.

How can Affiliate Marketing help me?
If you are good at creating content that are interesting to a bigger audience, you can start build traffic to your affiliate website. If your readers buy something by using your affiliate link, you get a commission from the sale and the money starts coming in.

What is CPS, CPA and CPC?
CPS, CPA and CPC are all advertising terms measuring the results from an advertising campaign. CPS= Cost Per Sale
CPA = Cost Per Action
CPC = Cost Per Click
Cost Per Sale pays a set commission to the affiliate marketer who refers a lead that results in a purchase.
Cost Per Action pays the affiliates when a specific action is taken by the lead. The action can include filling out a form, subscribe, register or sign-up for something.
Cost Per Click can sometimes be included in Cost Per Action, it refers to the actual price you pay for each click in your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns.

Things to avoid with Affiliate Marketing
Be honest to your readers and promote products that you know of and that you can relate to. To build trust with your audience is key. It is fun to promote products that you are happy with and those products you want to share with others, when you know the quality is good.

Where to start with Affiliate Marketing?
There are several Affiliate Marketing programs and networks out there, so make a research and pick the affiliate program most suitable to you and your business, then it is just to sign up and start promoting. 

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