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Sometimes when people age their mobility to get around and travel to the things they really would like to attend are difficult because of their condition or finances.

The new digital economy now allows us to be able to attend some of our family functions that are far away.

Our daughter and family live in California and we can't always jump on a plane and go to the things that our grandchildren are involved in. 

Through tecnology we can now sit in front of a computer screen and watch live streaming from the events that they are involved in.

Tonight we were able to watch a live streaming video of our grandsons grade 8 graduation ceremonies all the way from California.

This past year we have had the opportunity to watch our grandsons play in ball tournaments where ever in the world they are at. We can sit at our computer and cheer them on even though they can't hear us they know we are watching on line.

Our Granddaughter is heavily involved in competitive gymnastics and dancing and with this technology we have been able to watch her performances live sitting in front of our computer at home thousands of miles away.

This technology has allowed us, even at our age to learn how to operate and take part in the learning curve to master these new skills.

We have also found a community of like minded individuals who want to learn new technical skills and we are learning together how to create an on line business that we LOVE.

What we did was clicked the link below and left our email address and we received an awesome complimentary 7 day video series to take us through the steps of building our on line business.

Go Ahead and CLICK the link.