Anger Lead To Action. How Can You Learn?

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Why can one person make you so angry?  


This was the question I was asking myself. I had been angry for a long time. Now I can see that this was stealing my energy and happiness. There was never time to growth because it could never be room for it. I`m that kind of person that always give things time and really give things a chance. But when the situation starts to weaken your health you must take responsibility and call to action. 

4 Ways To Deal With Anger.

  1. Sleep. Getting regular, healthy sleep is an important part of managing anger. If you find yourself beeing tired and angry the negative feelings will only increase. You are more likely to do something you regret when you are angry.
  2. Take deep breaths. When you are angry, recognize it. When you feel the temperature rise in your body take deep breaths. Say to yourself " I`m getting angry, but I will master me" Be in your body and have " an eye" on it. Be polite when the situation appears. The aggressive mind will not get you anywhere.
  3. Analyze your anger. Think back on the times when you have been angry. Try to analyze the situation. Be open minded and curious. Where was the trigger points? Write it down and make your mind really conscious. When you find yourself in the situation again your brain will know and recognize the trigger points. It will be easier for you to manage your anger. This takes practice. This is a way of knowing your anger.
  4. To get angry is ok and natural. Anger is viewed negatively. People talk about anger as we should never feel it and we should never act on it. But this is not true. To feel anger is just as natural as feeling happy. I would be concerned if the person did not get angry in those circumstances. Keeping it inside will make thing worse.

knowing When To Let Go. 

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Recognize when anger builds up on a regular basis, it might be time to take massive action. If this is in a job you might consider of changing it. It might be best to turn the irritation and negative energy into the fire you need to find a new job. If this a person you can not avoid, you must set your boundaries. Be clear where the line goes. This will not be unpopular, but not everyone can like you.      

Make your decision.  

One day we all have enough. Take full responsibility for your situation and then massive action. You can seek advice, but only you know what is right for you. Focus on what is right for you and your happiness. Open your mind and it will take you places you never been before. For me, I found SFM. A new world with a lot of opportunities I never knew. Take a look, Click Here!

PS: Please comment down below about your experience about anger! Feel free to share:) 



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