Are you following industrial programming in the digital age?

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Learn what it really takes to succeed in today's digital world

It used to be all about your hands.

During the Industrial Revolution what mattered most was what you could do with your hands. It didn't matter what you thought... repetitive manual work was your currency.

If you could lift it, move it or make it quicker than the next person you got the job. Someone who had worked through the ranks gave you instructions and you followed them. If you tried to change anything you were sacked and someone else was ready to take your place. Everyone worked for the business owner.

Over the years while working conditions improved unfortunately the working mentality did not: someone gave you instructions, you followed them for fear of repercussions. This evolved into laws, best practices, “This the way it's always been done around here”... you get the picture :)

Apart from the obvious boredom there is a bigger problem here.

Then it was about your head.

Technology has also improved over the years, manual repetitive work was replaced by the currency of information – what you knew to help solve problems, thinking sideways to find solutions and the ability to change the way you worked leading to improvements. Yet despite the improvement in technology many people are still stuck in the industrial revolution waiting for someone to give them instructions that they follow with their hands. Their thinking is if something goes wrong they can say “I was only following orders” or “it's what the system told me to do.”

So many people struggle today because this hardwired mentality is a tough programme to rewrite. They are following industrial programming in the digital age. Which is why so many people don't recognise the freedom of online business opportunities.

Now it's about your heart.

Using your head allows you to break the hardwired programming and see the opportunities around you, but to truly succeed you also need to use your heart.

Share your story and experience with others - whether you've failed or succeeded someone will find your story valuable. 


Share what's valuable to others - not what's valuable to you. 
Share without expecting anything in return. 
To truly succeed in whatever you do takes the combination of your head and your heart working in harmony.

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To your success!


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