Are You Listening to the Right Amount of Wrong People??

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By. Ross Allen

(Authors's Note: This is a single-panel cartoon of "Fudknuckle and Fritz" will see more on these two characters later!!!! -Ross Allen) -- "Fudknuckle and Fritz" Illustration by Lord Toph

- Ultracrepidarian  (əltrəkrepəˈderēən)


- a person who expresses opinions on matters outside the scope of their knowledge or expertise.

 It is difficult to take people’s advice sometimes.  I would say off of my personal experience of hearing advice from someone else, I often have observed them in kind (silently).  Why is this person giving me advice?  Where is this person in their lives, when they advise me on mine?  Does this person even carry the knowledge they say they are giving?  Where am I right now in life to even listen to their advice?

I will note that my own observation of someone when hearing their advice is not a defense mechanism of sorts.  I believe that advice in any sense can always be a positive thing:  Hearing someone’s opinion of you can tell you about yourself and about them, often simultaneously.  So how can we sift through the simple opinions and get to the true advice?

Without self reflectance and honesty with yourself, even the best advice from someone will get you nowhere. Quite frankly, if you are lying to yourself about who you are and what you are doing, you could listen or not listen to anyone, and think it’s doing you good.  The first step to really benefiting from good advice is self honesty; having a solid idea of who you really are, how you feel, and what you want from yourself.  Self honesty doesn’t have to be absolute, mind you:  You don’t have to have everything down about yourself and your future (hell, find me ten people you know who actually can do that).  Self-reflectance may not always be easy, but it can be simple.

With self-reflection as your harness, you can now use it to start pulling in good advice. Often good advice is given by people who have practiced self-honesty, and almost always from people who genuinely care about you.  If someone doesn’t have your best interest in mind, then frankly who gives a shit what they have to say about you?  If I advised you to wear a Parka in the middle of the Arizona Desert in July (mid-day), — well, you get my point.

All in all advice is only good if you know yourself, and if you feel you can apply whatever it is the outside world is trying to offer you.  There is liberation with empowering your choice of action. If you don’t want someone’s advice, don’t take it, but understand yourself as to why you are choosing not to.  If you do or don’t take someone’s advice, is it honestly bettering you?  I don’t really believe in absolute altruism in people, because no one person can help someone without first helping themselves.  I do however believe in altruistic choices and feelings.  If you think you know something that can actually help someone you care about, don’t hesitate.  If you know yourself well enough to receive knowledge from someone that can help you, know enough to listen.  Life is a constant ebb and flow of good and bad suggestions and choices, so empower yourself to know it starts with you… but hey, what do I know?



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