Why Do Clients Leave?

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The easiest sale that you can make is to an existing client.  There is always a reason for a client leaving. The majority of customers leave because of indifference. They do not feel valued.


The statistics say:

  • 1% pass away
  • 3% move
  • 14% are lured by a competitor
  • 14% are turned away by product or service dissatisfaction
  • 68% leave because of poor attitude or indifference on the part of the service provider


What can you do to stop this situation happening?

1.    Using client groups as explained in the video

2.    Create Raving Fans… exceed expectations

3.    Make sure you can be contacted offer channels for feedback

4.    Develop sales delivery the way the client wants it

5.    Breathe…. Always treat the client how you want to be treated

6.    Put the Client first

7.    Fulfill contracts and if there are problems solve them

8.    Negative feedback is an opportunity to improve

9.    Positive feedback is an opportunity to celebrate

10.  No feedback means you should start engagement to get feedback

11.  Keep talking on channels where your client is listening

12.  Keep listening on the channels your client is suing

13.  Get face time with clients check non-verbal communication


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