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Content Curation Tools - SpeeedLeads Review

content curation toolsContent curation tools are becoming ever more popular in this sharing era of digital marketing. With such an overwhelm of content out there already it’s no easy task to get original content noticed and lets face it, creating it can be a chore.

I recently invested in a nice little content curation tool called SpeedLeads and have been impressed so far. SpeedLeads is part of a suite of content curation tools from the guys at Wishloop and is available via JV zoo. At the time of writing they are offering lifetime subscription to the basic system for $27 with the usual feature upgrade options.

Here’s how it works. In a similar way to content curation tools like Sniply or Buffer it allows you to set up pop up “boxes” on any piece of content you decide to curate (share) with your audience. Unlike the aforementioned tools however the basic tool offers features that don’t involve an upgrade fee.

Great Content Curation Features

content curation tools

Those features include: The ability to choose from several “box” styles, the ability to link to an auto responder and collect subscribers, the ability to choose where you want the box to appear on the chosen content and the ability to time when it appears.

SpeedLeads content curation tool has a three-step process. In step one you set up a brand: Basically your logo or icon. Step 2 is where you create the box: The actual linkable banner style graphic that appears on the content you have chosen to curate. In step three you create the campaign by adding the url of the content to share and the link you want your box to forward to: A website, sales page or auto responder sign up form.

The product creators provide simple to follow video tutorials with your purchase which get you up and running in no time. Once you’ve done it a couple of times you can very quickly get a campaign out there any time you see a great piece of content.

Seriously Simple Content Curation

One you have created one or more brands and boxes you can skip straight to the campaign step. This makes it very easy to grab a shareworthy piece of content and promote your offer on top of it. If like me you get a ton of niche related content in your in box daily, this content curation tool is a great way to share it with your subscribers and social media followers.

Like with most IM tools there are upgrade options with SpeadLeads which offer additional features. Those include schedulers that let you set up multiple social media posts and greater box customisations. You can visit the Speadleads page to learn more on the link below and add this excellent and inexpensive content curation tool to your marketing arsenal today.

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