Control Your Mind With Mastermind

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Master your mind to have control over your life.

Want to move forward in your life but with old habits and your old mindset? You are wasting your time. Unless you are ready to suspend old beliefs and start to control your mind, unless you get your ego under control before it controls you, things will never change!

Mastermind is coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony.

No individual can achieve great results without surrounding himself with the masterminds.


I, for many years, or maybe for my whole life, thought I do not need anybody else to help me, that I and my mind are enough. That I have to be seIf-reliant, that I can work things out all by myself and achieve my goals. I wasn’t far from the truth, because yes, sometimes you can achieve good results and all alone, but being in alliance with more like-minded people and with masterminds you can achieve your goals and dreams much much faster. 

I had it all wrong. You get more energy from two batteries than one, or something doesn’t even work with one battery only, it simply won’t connect. It was not long ago when I realised that to gain power to get my life under control I need to surround myself with alliance of friendly like-minded people and associate in a sympathy and harmony. Only that way I can change my life. I can start defying my true purpose and be a part of something bigger and better. It takes dedication, though, commitment and every day work on the mindset, it takes "READ, LEARN, THINK, VISUALISE and MASTER YOUR MIND" formula. 


I believe anyone can whip off poverty, illiteracy or ignorance, if only willing to ally with great minds and commit to work on the mindset.

It took a courage to decide time's up and I am done with my obsolete self. It scared the hell out of me at first when I realised how uncomfortable I lived up until then and how much work it needed to be done on my mindset by masterminding. But it felt great and exciting at the same time as I was ready for my new life and career, for whatever was coming to me next. I was ready to start a new journey of my life. 

Courage is to leave something that makes you uncomfortable for something completely new and exciting.

I wasn't able to tell whether I was making the right decision until the right moment came and just affirmed it. But it was time to move on and take my life to the next level.

It feels great to be surrounded by a community of people that understand me. By people who genuinely try to help me. By people with visions, who work hard on self-developing and are totally dedicated to their higher purpose. To meet them and be a part of their community was the beginning of something amazing for me, for which I am truly grateful.

I am happy to call them my MENTORS, becasue they are, they are my FREEDOM mentors, as it is all down to freedom of mind.


I knew if I was going to do it, this was the time!!!

And if you are going to do it, it is the right time NOW too. Unless you have time to waste your time.


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I didn't have time to waste anymore and I don't have it now either.

You have one life only, pay attention to it!



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