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Bringing the world of transformation (read transformation blog here) to the word 'courage' , from these 55 "Medicine Wheel" cards lent to me by my lovely neighbour Cassandra, I will assert that it takes courage to take on transformation of oneself. Personal development does require oneself to look at oneself from many points of view, and sometimes, what is revealed can be confronting.

It was October 1993 when I first started my journey into the world of personal development, and curiosity was the premise, as to the reason I took it on. The course was called the Landmark Forum and I participated in the Sydney course , Australia,(read share here).

On Friday 17 April 2020 ,I was reflecting on completing a "A Place to Stand: Dealing with Challenging, Disruptive and Uncertain Times" run by Landmark Worldwide and offered to all graduates of the Landmark Forum (close to 2 million).

A fantastic inquiry about dealing with the WHAT'S SO in one's life and the value of one's word in the matter. I discovered: "Bold Leadership" as the matter of my life, my living and myself. Whenever I fall out of this way of speaking myself, I have the ability for restoring "the speaking" by 'cleaning up' of my integrity around being "Bold Leadership".

Today is Tuesday 21 April and I completed a "Bit of Wisdom" course over the weekend, (again run by Landmark Worldwide), where we looked at our VALUES and how you can discover your value(s) by looking in your life to see what you NATURALLY PRACTICE. Wow, here is what I discovered so far, which are 3 values:

1. World Peace (my "World War II as children" parents are a strong reason)

2. Happiness and Joy (Being a source and leaving people touched)

3. Mighty Lifeforce (Being one as a victory over my 'near death' stabbing when I was 18)

Where COURAGE comes into all of the above is for myself to continually look to transformation (read blog here) whenever I am stopped. Getting into 'dialogue' (versus monologue) and "noticing what is present" are two tools that I use, as an access to courage.


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