Find Your Voice

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Find Your Arena

Though I work with people for a living I've often been told that my First Impression is Not Great.

I come across as Aloof and Moody.

It takes a while for people to warm up to me, and yet on Facebook I'm a favorite Poster/Commenter.

I think this has to do with Insecurity in the Moment when Meeting people face-to-face for the First Time, as opposed to having the opportunity for my Creative Juices to Flow Freely when I'm sitting on my Laptop at Home.

Finding Your Voice in a Sea of Online Content

Improving my First Impression and Being More Comfortable with People, is something I continue to Work On, my Personal Development and Growth leeds to greater Feelings of Comfort within Myself & Confidence with Others.

It has, however made me think about Different Media and different Fields of Expression.

You see some Actors on Stage, some Celebrities on Talkshows, some Lecturers on TEDex and they look like they were Born Into that Position!

I’m sure many of them had to Work Hard to seem this Comfortable, and I know if I put my mind to it I can Train Myself to be Confident in Any Situation.

At the same time it is important to “Honour” the Place you Find yourself in Right Now, and Find an Arena for Self-Expression which is best Suited to your Current Skill Set. (This may change over time.)

Finding Your Voice in a Sea of Online Content

Find Your Voice

This is not some Theoretical Process, it's a very Hands-On, Practical Exercise.

Whichever Arena you have chosen; Working with People One-On-One, Public Speaking, Blogging, Vlogging, Twitter, Facebook Live, YouTube, you name it, you Find your Voice by Doing it Over and Over again.

It's not going to be Pretty to begin with, but that doesn't matter.

We seem to have a Fear of Putting Ourselves Out There as if what we say is going to be Carved In Stone for All Eternity!

Finding Your Voice in a Sea of Online Content

There is just So Much Information out there, that to begin with, your content will be Lost in the Noise. If people don't like what you have to say, or don't like the tone of your voice, or the look of your face, It Doesn't Matter,

they’ll Move On to something else.

In a few years time, when you have a Band of Followers it will be Interesting and Inspirational for them to see Where you Started From, so Blunder On…

Find Your Tribe

Finding Your Voice in a Sea of Online Content

As your Voice Get’s Stronger, and you're Following Grows, you will Make Connections with People all over the planet who Resonate with your Point of View.

These connections Will bring you face-to-face with New Opportunities, New Ideas and Novel Avenues for Growth the Implications of which you can't Begin to Imagine.

Do you remember in the movie Interstellar when discussing which of the two planets they should go to in Search for Life?

Finding Your Voice in a Sea of Online Content

They chose the one further from the Black Hole, "Brand" made the comment that the Black Hole pulls everything in and therefore, on the nearer planet, Not Enough CAN Happen.

In a similar way, you have to Interact with Life, you have to Throw Things Up In The Air and See Where They Land, you have to Create the Opportunity for Chance and Random Events to have an Impact in your Life.

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