Flying with Kids

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Anyone scheduled to fly with kids in the near future?

I am traveling this week Thursday all the way from London to New York with three kids! I am having panic attacks about it! will the children behave? Will they make a huge mess? Will they disturb the people sitting in the next aisle?

Sound familiar??

Well, I am determined to make this trip the most memorable trip for my kids and for myself! The question is HOW?

In one of my recent blog post's I wrote about whatever your "must" is, you'll get it! Sounds easy enough, all I have to do is change my must! 

So, I'm running around my house, packing the suitcases, trying not to forget those little items that can be so annoying to no to have and I'm thinking about my new must! My must is for this trip to be smooth sailing and most fun experience for the family and for myself! It's a MUST! And I believe it will be!

The thing is that I have no idea how, but that doesn't even matter! I believe that if I stay focused on my must, then as soon as I set foot back onto the English ground, I will be shouting out to the world that "HEY! THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!"

Because I know it works! I strongly believe that its all in the mindset! And I know that this is true because I have been doing plenty mindset exercises with the phenomenal team at SFM and they have taught me the world when it comes to changing your mindset and living by it! The results are unbelievable! 

Is there anyone out there who will happen to be on the same virgin flight as I am? I want you to watch me and my family enjoying every minute of our trip (even when the drink spills all over and the baby is crying for the last half hour and the biscuit crumbs are now drying up in the fabric of the seat....) I am prepared for all this to happen because we are human and this kind of stuff happens to human beings and that's now OK with me! Watch me laugh about it all! Watch me have a blast! Watch me come back on a high! Watch me change my mindset and live by my MUST!

You too, my friends, can change your mindset and see for yourselves how your life will change in unbelievable ways! You too can learn how to make each day a day worth living! You too can learn how to change your must and be successful in all areas of your life!

Check out my link and see for yourself what it means to live with a focus in sight all the time!

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