Go for your dreams 3!

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The time passed very quickly and I got used to the new activities. Every week was the same. My colleagues were very nice and helpful, sometimes I made mistakes and they would help me correct them. The Chief Purser was a lady from The United States, but she was on vacation when I arrived. They said that she was very strict and did not accept mistakes.

I was told by my colleagues that I could be fired because of my mistakes and the fact that my level of English was not of a very high standard. I had problems with pronunciation and sometimes the guests did not understand me. I feared the Chief Purser. I thought she would probably fire me when she came back.  After two months, she returned. She was tall, thin, with blue eyes, blonde hair and very kind.

And, of course, that weekend I did make a mistake. A guest came and told me that her suitcase was broken when the workers took it to her room. I did not carry out the procedure that had to be followed in these kinds of situations. I was supposed to have examined the suitcase to see if it was really broken which, I did not do, I immediately promised the guest that the company would buy a new one, which was true but only when all the requirements were fulfilled and the correct procedure was followed.

I told my supervisor what had occurred and she said “you were wrong, before making any promises you or somebody from the housekeeping department must verify if the suitcase was really broken and that it could not be used anymore” Housekeeping went to see the suitcase and it could have been used. Because I had already promised the guest that the company would buy a new one. I could not go back on my word and say sorry I made a mistake.

My supervisor told me that in my free time I must go and buy a suitcase with my own money for this guest because I was the one who had made the mistake. I cried, and the Chief Purser saw me, called me to her office to find out what had happened. I explained the problem and she asked me if I was new in the company. I told her yes.

She told me to go and buy the suitcase for the guest and bring the receipt to her and she would reimburse me. But, what was most important is that I learn from my mistakes. And, I certainly did. I never ever promised anyone anything without first investigating.

Enjoying  while working

When we arrived at an Island all the guests would leave the ship to go sightseeing, so we did not have too much to do at the desk, therefore only one of us were required to stay there. The rest of us were free to go to the beach, go shopping or walking around the Island. I just bought many postcards to send to my family and friends. In the evening, we returned to work, sometimes we would work until 10 pm or 11 pm.  There was always somebody at the desk from 00:00 to 6:00 am. Every week it was somebody different, but, whoever it was, would not have to work during the day.



Hope to inspire you in some way

If you think something is possible it is, all you need is to hear your heart and take action.


To be continued………


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