Green Eggs and Ham

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I am sure you all familiar with the famous Dr Seus books...

Last night, whilst reading my kids their bedtime story of the green eggs and ham, it suddenly hit home that we are no different to the Cat in the Hat.... and this is why....

..."I do not like them in a boat,
I do not like them with a goat!
Not in a house,
Not with a mouse..."

See how Sam offers the cat all different ways to try the green eggs and ham and each time the cat stubbornly refuses it again and again!


We do this all the time! We get offered opportunities all in life, but we get scared of the unknown, or we get scared we won't get it right..... we let our fears over-take our decisions and we refuse! Just like the Cat in the Hat!

Today I want to give you a little "wake-up call!" Don't act like the Cat in the Hat!

Sign up today, watch through the free video training and after that you can make an educated decision whether starting an online business, where you can work for yourself and make a good income, is something you should stubbornly refuse or not!

Until then, make it a great one

X Mirelle