Have You Done A Challenge Yet?

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I recently completed a 90-Day Video Challenge for my online business. It was quite difficult at first, but it got easier with every video. So I was wondering if you ever completed a challenge? Would you be willing to push yourself to do something uncomfortable in order to achieve a change in your life?

I was really hesitant to film and then post my first video. I was worried what others would think of me and what should I talk about for one to three minutes anyway. But I finally convinced myself and did it! And although it felt really uncomfortable in the beginning, with doing more and more videos and being consistent, it really changed my “relationship” with my phone camera. LOL

So my point, just because something feels uncomfortable at first doesn’t mean that you should quit right away, keep on going and watch how you as a person evolve and grow! I would like to share with you my first video and my last video and you tell me if there is a difference!

It's the 4th video, I didn't find my first, it must have been that bad that I deleted it LOL

90/90 Video! Yes, I did it!!!