How Can We Seize the Moment to Fill that Empty Space in Our Lives?

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I was walking down the street in SoHo, Manhattan (Soho is for the “South Houston” area in lower Manhattan) one evening. I was passing the art galleries, coffee shops, and clothing stores that ornament the area to make a nesting ground for tourists and shopaholics. It seems that every time I visit SoHo ( I live in Brooklyn, so it isn’t a trek really) I tend to see a new shop or store that has either come out of nowhere, or I simply wasn’t paying attention to it. I was on Greene St. when I noticed an empty space, surely once occupied by a chic, trendy business. The space was vast, dark, and empty. 

I see it all the time; new stores close as fast as they come, and the advantage of having any real estate down in the Soho area is Prime. Something affected me about this space though. Not to be in any way philosophical, but I was relating keeping a business alive to how important it is to fill an empty space inside of yourself.  In a competitive area like Soho, if you don’t fill that empty store space with something that not only works but thrives, your store will close. Life gives us opportunities to create substantial things not only for the people around us, but in ourselves. Life can also take opportunities away from you, and if you don’t take action, it can happen quickly.

So what can we do to fill that “empty space” in our lives?  How can we set up our own “personal store” that will have that “Je ne Sais quoi” to build your success?  Let’s think like a businessman/woman (a successful one, of course). It’s very disadvantageous to not know the demographics of your area, and who wants what in your area. When they visit your store, will you carry the “savoir faire” to give them something special (I won’t use any more French sayings, but I thought it was appropriate…. I couldn’t help myself) Before you can even answer that, what do you really want for yourself?   What do you want to build in yourself that represents who you are, and shows want you want others to see.  If it is true, then your environment will respond to your authenticity.  Your confidence in your authenticity will literally pull people to you, and generate success. 

Everyone wants to know the store their visiting will give them something they want, and something that they can only get in that place!  Be the same way with yourself.  Build something that it is true to who you are and want to be, and let it shine!  Don’t be afraid to positively modify and restructure what you believe works for you or doesn’t, and you will just get better and better at fulfilling yourself. Don’t wait for something to come along and build a great space for who you are.  Build your “business” and start achieving your goals today!


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