How The Multicultural Entrepreneur Takes Over The Business World

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From being a rarity the multicultural entrepreneur will soon be a must in all business environments.

Without even being aware of it, my entire career did cultivate my personality as a multicultural entrepreneur. As a young businessman from Scandinavia, married to a lovely Mexican woman, the long and fascinating journey of the career has gone through 6 different nations of living and doing business in more than 50 different countries.

It’s true that business trips are entirely different from leisure journeys. Often the short visits count in hotels, offices, restaurant and airports as the main places to visit. But even with such traveling pattern force you to dive into each country's unique culture and habits.

Learning how to get a hotel room even if no rooms available means that you know how to approach the problem with the particular culture of the country.

To get a product custom cleared with a missing import document is proof that you are aware of how to get around the problem in that particular culture.

But also you get to know how to negotiate with different people. You will learn how much time to spend on the social part and how many hours on the real business. And it can vary dramatically from country to country.

Linda Brimm’s article “Who are Today’s Citizens of the World?” confirms that multicultural entrepreneurs are more creative. They are also more accustomed to changes and can easily learn and use new ways of thinking.

You can be a sharp business person, but without being a multicultural entrepreneur, you will easily get lost. You'll get lost in the jungle of different cultures.

How The Multicultural Entrepreneur Has An Advantage In Today’s Business Environment


From being the world with clear borders between countries, cultures, political systems and international trade, today’s environment is more borderless. Another word for the same is globalization.

The dominating trend around the world, in spite of some isolated exceptions, is free trade in all aspects. It’s not a trend somebody creates, but a natural movement based on radically improved communication. The communication is faster, and the most important the communication of today is different.

Social media and all other Internet-based connections are the new pieces added to the old traditional world. It’s a much faster world. The world becomes much more connected. And the most important, the frontiers between cultures, languages, and habits start to be more diffuse.

It's true that China and India are the biggest in the world. However, the English-speaking regions are so far the most potential in the area of Internet businesses. Therefore, it’s natural that English is the dominating online business language.

Smaller countries like Sweden and some other European countries have the advantage of dealing with cultural overbridging since centuries ago. In fact, it's a necessary skill to survive as international trade is the primary income for those countries.

The booming online business is very much the ultimate global frontierless and multicultural marketplace. As a multicultural entrepreneur, you'll get a flying start into the future of commerce and lifestyle.

The Obstacles Are Few And The Opportunities Are Endless


Primarily there are two obstacles holding people back from taking the step to the online market:

1)   Even if the online business with thousands of independent entrepreneurs making a fortune with their online businesses, still the online entrepreneurship sounds “too good to be true” for many.

2)   Most people are accustomed to the “one career at a time” pattern. It means that before choosing a new job, you have to finish the one you have today. It’s a decision following several steps before becoming a reality. With an online business, you can start during your “spare-time” and do it at the pace you decide. In the meantime, you continue your old job as before.

It’s like testing a new job without resigning for the one you have.After all, it's the one providing you the monthly paycheck. In other words, you’ll have a risk-free opportunity with a “nothing to lose, all to win” label.

Starting your own business always requires a lot of work, passion, dedication and willingness to take risks. In that sense, there is no difference between offline and online entrepreneurship. What the online business alternative offers to people willing to take the step, is a considerably lower investment than with a traditional offline business.

If you start up as an affiliate marketer, then the cost is significantly lower than any other alternative. See my article “How Does Affiliate Marketing Really Work?” from July 12, 2016

Finally, there is a real opportunity for entrepreneur minded people to make their dream come true and build their own business.

When Will You Start Riding The Wave Of The Future?


It's a business for young people still in school. Also, middle age individuals with a fixed job in the corporate world would fit in perfectly well. It's a great opportunity for retired people who want to work with something on their terms. For stay at home parents, it makes a perfect fit. In fact, this way of riding the wave of the future fits everyone.

If you consider yourself as a multicultural entrepreneur, then your start-up will be easy. It will be easier than anything else you can imagine. Do you remember when learning to ride the bicycle? So difficult, but once the technique is in place, it's so easy.

If you aren’t a multicultural entrepreneur, don't worry. Without even noticing it, you’ll be one pretty soon when entering this fantastic world of business people heading towards the same direction. The future!

Are you ready to ride the wave? Yes, you will be "wet." Yes, you will "fall off the surfboard" a lot of time. But the moment you can surf the wave, it's a feeling not possible to express in words.

Click the banner below and start surfing today the wave of the future.


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