How to be the Best You

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I remember when I was in my annual training for the military and one of my battle buddies told me 'in order for you to be the best you must train your mind to embrace the pain'. When I heard that statement I thought that sounded crazy but over time I always kept that in my mind and I finally understood what he meant. In life you are going to have some of the lowest points in your life and its not going to be all flowers and daises. But we must be able to train our mind to think positive in those hardest times in our lives to not look at where we at but understand where we are going. If we want to be successful we must go through the turbulence and reach our destination. Here are some ways to be the best you can be: 

1. Being aware of who you want to be. 

The first goal is understanding who you want to be. List any qualties out of your head and choose the ones that you are striving to be. For example if you want to learn communication create a goal where you can be that person and keep doing that until it becomes second nature. 

2. Setting realistic goals for yourself 

Sometimes many people make New Years Resolution to lose weight or read more but let's be real how many of them actual make it a habit. What separates the good from the great is that they make it realistic goals. What do you mean 'realistic' well by doing it every day until it becomes a reality. 

3. Being commited & consistent 

There is one saying from this successful athlete and this is what he goes by "commitment is staying loyal to what you said that you were going to do long after the mood you said it has left you." What it saying here is that you must be a man of your word and staying commited to what you are going to do until it becomes a reality. 

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