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I have a secret to share with you… This secret I actually learned/lived it today… And the solution to get unstuck is this:

Ask for help

I could end this blog right now…  But allow me to explain.

Being Stuck

Do you know those moments where nothing more makes sense and you start doubting yourself? That`s right...

I was exactly there this morning. A while ago, I made a commitment to myself to achieve my dream (in this lifetime.. please!!!). And I would do whatever it took to get there. Simply because I deserve it, and my family deserves it too.

The universe somehow heard and presented me with an opportunity to learn how to build a business where I could be anywhere in the world. I found it fascinating. After all, I`m not a tree to be planted in only one location.

To be very honest with you, I think my family agrees with me. Because they all moved to a different part of the world. So, if I want to see them, might as well have a way to make money “on the go”. With that in mind, I jumped right in it.

However, I got to a point of the process where I had so many roads to pursue, that I just decided to say it is not for me. You know what this is like right? You have so many choices, that you just can`t pick one. But the problem here is…

We simply get stuck and nothing more moves forward. But we don’t want to admit that this is really the problem. After all, our brain hates being wrong. So, we tell ourselves that “in reality”…

  • I really don’t want to do this.
  • This is not for me.
  • I can`t make it.

And all the other BS (forgive my french) we say to ourselves. When the truth is…. We are afraid to admit we don’t know and simply ask for help.

Being unstuck

Here is where everything comes together. The moment you and I admit that we don’t know… What we don’t know…. That’s when all the light bulbs in our brain go.... undefined

I bet you have heard a million times to reach out and ask for help. But it's only when you actually do it that you understand the power of this advice.

This morning I reached out and said: “I am stuck… I don’t know what I`m doing and I have no idea what is the next step. My brain is telling me to just give up. It`s so much easier to run away. I`ve done it a million times. But today I want to do differently and I would like to know if you can help me”.

When I finished pronouncing these words, the person had a huge smile on her face and told me:n “That’s what I`m here for…. Let`s get this party going girl”.

She coached me on everything I need to do. On every small “obvious” step I need to take. One after another. And most importantly she told me “You can do this Martha”.

This moment I tell you: “You can do it” Stop everything and ask someone that has walked the path before you. There is always someone willing to help. You just have to ask for help.

See you,


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