Overcome to Become

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Everybody desires success:                                                                   Everybody desires a successful life, but not all really know what it takes to succeed. For this same reason; not everybody actually succeeds at the end. So many people have very good dreams of a successful life, but a greater part; give up on the way and are not able to pursue their dreams to their fruitful ends. I want to use this article to encourage people who fail on their journey towards success, not give up; because failure is not final.

"Most failures are people who give up when they are very close to success". - Abraham Lincoln

Learn from failure:                                                                               Let me quote Zig Ziglar, who said: "Make failure your teacher and not your undertaker".            What he was trying to say is that every experience of failure is a teaching curriculum to learn from. As an individual, instead of whining and looking for whom to accuse or blame for your misfortune; or failure, look for positive things to learn from that experience, no matter how negative or ugly it may seem. "Life itself is a teacher if we are ready to learn".

Life is the best gift:                                                                                 There is really no need to give up or write your case off; just because things are not the way they should be. The most important thing is that you are still alive. That is just the best gift that God has given to you. You need to treasure and maximize it. The Bible Says that; "a live dog is better than a dead lion; because the living is better than the dead". That's the great privilege we enjoy as living humans. You need to appreciate that; in the first place.

You have to fight:                                                                              For you to become what you want to be, you must be willing and ready to fight the battles of life and win them at all cost. You cannot avoid or run away from them; because they come to all human beings at different times and in different ways. It could take a lot of time, but it doesn't really matter as long as you win. The challenges you face and overcome are determinants of how big or small your success will be. So, don't be afraid of big fights; if you are looking for success. Little fights are for those who want small things. Big fights are for people who want big things. So, let me ask you; what do you really want? Little or big things?

I know your answer and that is why this article is to stimulate you to develop a fighting spirit like a lion in the jungle of life. Fight for your survival and fight for your success. Keep fighting until you win. Overcome to become. You can never become what you want; until you have fought and won. The challenges or difficulties you face are the real tests to bring out the best in you. That is how mother nature designed it. Accept and deal with them accordingly.

The good in the bad:                                                                            Adversity can trigger prosperity. Oppression can trigger a desire for liberation. The bad can produce the good. Most pains generate a lot of gains. It all depends on attitude, mindset or response. Nothing is totally bad in itself. If we look deeply; we could find the good in the bad and the gains in the pains. You must learn to tackle unfavorable circumstances; if you really want to succeed in life. There can never be an easy road; because "roads without obstacles lead nowhere". - John Mason

Failure versus success:                                                                             There is no successful person who never failed or experienced bad times. Therefore, if you fail or experience difficulties, don't give up. Look for ways to overcome and move on. You can leverage the knowledge, experience and expertise of other people; to help you in your struggles, in whatever area it may be. There are people who are designed by God to play important roles in your life towards success. Search diligently for them and harness as much as you can from their knowledge and experience. "Overcome to become".

Watch out for my next article on; 'The positive sides of failure'. 

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