Importance of an Action Plan in Life

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If you see my personal organizer two years ago, it was empty! No because I had nothing to do, but because everything was no planned! Consequence? Only disorder and loss of time. What is the solution? Have always written a clear Action Plan in our life.


What is an Action Plan?

It is a clear, structurate and cronoligical script of what you have to or want to do in your day, month, year, long period time. Your action plan clearly defines the steps that you are to going to have to take in order to achieve your goals. That mean that, first of all, you have to define which are your goals. Without this first step, your action plan will never exist, and have no sense to speak about it, cause it's foundations are missed! In reality you have more action plan in your life, cause you live every day more situations: your business, your hobbies, your family, your relationship and so again. Each of these field has his own goals to reach and different possible way to be lived.

How to idetify your goal?

This is the most important step before you can start to speak about an action plan. Here you have to have clear ideas of what you want. First of all choose a field of your life you desire to treat and process, for example your business or your incomes. Then you have to take a look to where are you now and where you wish to be! Many people don't like the first part, but realize where they are in this moment is like to be consciuos of what is positive and negative in the situation they live. If you will know what you like and what you don't like of your life today, you will be able to know what to change in!

The second step is identify your goal. Normally goals become clear when you know what you want to change in your life, but often are too general and not clear! For example it is not enought to say:"I want more money!"...I ask you: " Who doesn't want it?" :-) Everybody! The difference is for what you want it! Base your goals on concrete desires and put it down, write it, fix it, so you automatically will have the image of you when your goal will be reached! You desire to be more healthy, fit, have a nice house? Ok, descrive it...nice house? What is it mean? Perhaps you want a new sofa or a new bed, or that TV that you seen last time you was in front of you favourite shop. Ok these are the right goals.

When you have clear your goals, it is time to start to program all singol step to reach them. Start from long time program: what will you want next year, then what you will do each month to reach the goal of next year, then what you will do each week to realize what you plan for the month and finally what you have to do each of your day to make possible the weekly plan goal. That is the way!

What you have to write in your agenda?

Use your agenda to write each single action you identified usefully to reach your goal. Each action have to have a day, an hour to start and finish, to be sure that you will no lose time. Put all action in you agenda with only one logic: first those that have the priority! Which are these? Simple: these who allow you to reach your favourite goal. All the rest will come after. Do it consistently, no one day of your agenda can remain empty, use all your time in the best way you can.

Nevermore without an Action Plan!

From when I do all of what I explain in this article, my life was change, goals are clear, they are more simple to reach and my life now is organized, have a sense in every moment! I can advice you that this benefits everyone, your lifestyle will be amazing and from now you can only be successful!

Take action today:  Learn how to make you Action Plan in the best way, how make it work everyday and reach your goal! Sign here and you will allow you to see the way.

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