IT'S ME Dennis Smith from Germany

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I'ts ME

... You're in the right place!

Who writes here?


The commercial vehicle dealer go's DAYTRADER / MARKETER

It all started trading in 1998 by a friend of my father, who had at that time with Onvista to the time I was 18 years young, I had discovered the stock market, but toot of bubbles and no idea.

commercial commercial vehicle was my business. So by now since 2013 I am completely switched to shares & Optionsscheine.Anfangs I traded CFD and Futures thereafter.

Why should not I share my experience? Everyone can and will if it is stable and continues to be developed / being successful.

This applies in every situation. I love to be more independent trader. I want to bring people's fascination with the shares trading or day trading closer. who want to see the fast-paced world of the stock market law.

Since I could find itself much of my father's friend, I'm a little advantage but had to suffer losses Nevertheless also here have friend's request sent to known celebrities and traders weighed who is real and who ONLY COACH !!! who does not himself trades but knocks Large claims. My personal experience is there for me there is only 5 MAX Absolute Top trader from or in Germany.

So my tip: Someone in in..Staff over no idea say we are approximately 5-10 webinars in the month, probably lives on the webinars as from trading, so be careful!

But everyone needs appropriate mentors, I still mentors because everyone should ausstauschen, now I can say after years intensive training & Trading, I have a wealth of experience that I want to share. But also very important in trading you never stop learning, and every day I learn something else to it. 

FAKT1. I do not give seminars or webinars.

FAKT2.  my information are and remain free .

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Launched in 2011, before I had an Ebay / E-shop and got to know so online marketing. As mentioned we had left in 2008 insolvency gehabt.Und in trading I was not ready I of which life konnte.Also I have done other things but that would here too digress  .I am from the beautiful city of Minden Westfalen, and am pouring Born enrollment in Hamburg and I have until my 13 years of age had lived in Hamburg, then in 1997 Kassel.

How should we use the power of social, content and digital technologies to transform our lives and our businesses.

My mission is to inspire people and bring them to the right path "How to win in business and in life in a digital world".

I am also here to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.

anyone can casually begin !!!



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