Just like the Express Yourself song says ...

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Just like the "express yourself song" says, You may be afraid to say something, to put yourself out there.. To express yourself in some way publicly. Do it it anyway.

Anybody you know, admire, follow on social media, listen to, or watch on T.V or in a movie - EVERYBODY who ever created something and shared it with others had to put themselves out there. We often hear people we admire talking about belief in yourself and have the courage to do what you love. This really is the place where the rubber hits to road. This is where you actually do it - be afraid and do it anyway. Have courage and EXPRESS YOURSELF.

express yourself song

If we stop and really think about this concept you notice that it doesn’t just apply to famous people - this applies to anyone who ever started their own business, who created something with their own hands and then put it out there to be purchased,  who went for a job interview, who sang in the school choir,  or told someone they love how they really feel for the first time.

We were put her on this earth right here right now to fully realize everything that burns within.  To fully express yourself, To fully experience and revel in the expansion and growth that follows.  We did not come here to stagnate and simply exist.  We came here to Explore, Express and Share. Be Bold, take a step into the unknown.  Say it, Sing it, Write it, Post it, Dance.... Anyway 

express yourself song

Another of life's great lessons as we continue to put ourselves out there and carry on our journey enjoying every Little moment whilst planning for the Big things to come.

Follow us on our journey as we continue to learn, explore and share as we go.  Please feel free to comment and share your stories of how you express yourself and put yourself out there.

Watch this space for more to come and remember just as the express yourself song says....