The Kairos Effect

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Déjà vu

The Kairos Effect.

Have ever had that moment of synchronicity when your hairs on the back of the neck rise or your body feel a warmth or gut starts murmuring and you know the situation you are in is familiar to you in that you have experienced it before! A feeling cloaks you with joy and happiness and occasionally trepidation! The ancient Greeks had a word for this, the Kairos moment e.g. word meaning the right, critical, or opportune moment.

Some say this is a coincidence, others you are cold or hot and need to adjust the heating! I prefer to think that at a deeper level we are all connected. When I feel it I frequently understand that I am connecting at a deeper level! So I started to dive down into this phenomena. 

Body balance is all about getting your mind body and soul aligned and that Kairos moment is seen by some as the presence of the soul! The ancient Tibetans showed that by aligning the energy centers of the body that enlightenment, by way of freeing the mind and body from distractions, could be given a chance to develop.  It seems the body has centers where emotions and behaviors are manifest. This phenomenon when developed allows us to listen to our body and mind to see the presence of the soul! 15th-century Gregorian monks used chanting to connect with there source and analysis of the notes match with charka tones used to clear the chakras. The Kairos moments then have a chance to develop and that wondrous ability to know if by instinct that you are on the right track or opportunity has arisen. In recent times there has been a resurgence in finding that source.

Now, when presented with decisions I start to listen to the feelings!

Andrew Elphick

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