Laptop Lifestyle Business Trip or Holiday?

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Laptop lifestyle business trip might probably seem like a holiday. But what does it mean really? Is it really a business trip? Or is it a holiday?

People might see living a laptop lifestyle as taking your laptop almost anywhere you find connection and you can start working. As partially it is true, it is not as simple as it might seem at first.

Try to meet clients or do some work while somewhere on the beach. Wind blowing the sand in your eyes, the sun is blinding and is too strong to see the screen, your hands are greasy and sticky from all the oil you just applied. Plus you might not look the most presentable in your bathing costume with no make-up or your hair done. I really can't confirm you would take your laptop and be able to work from anywhere literally. 

I mean, you do get energised and you do get great inspirations from being out there and meeting interesting people. But you can get also easily distracted while being at some exotic location, especially where other people are holidaying. Exciting locations, nice atmosphere, places to go and visit, it is really easy to fall for any trap. You will be more flexible with time and you will be more flexible with a workload, but the work still needs to be done. It needs to be carefully scheduled and it needs your committed and discipline.


So it is important to have a discipline and not to drop your guard. To be aware, that laptop lifestyle isn't a retirement and laptop lifestyle business trip isn't a holiday. It is still a work trip, but done differently from having classic 9-5 or 9-6 job and having business meetings in meeting rooms. It's a laptop lifestyle holiday, which is not a classic holiday, but a mixture or work, leisure and opportunities. I say opportunities as once you are an entrepreneur, you see, seek and find business opportunities everywhere. Your mindset is on your goals, whether your business or life goals.

I recently visited Cyprus as a part of my training and masterminding with a small group of people like me, and one day we went on a boat trip. Who took a laptop to do some work while cruising, as you find a Wi-Fi almost everywhere, even on the boat, or who, like myself, didn't take. I decided that that day would be my holiday day, aware of too much distraction of beautiful coast and clear blue sea, not to mention holidaymakers, nice food and drinks.

Well, fair enough. Sometimes it is the right thing to do. To have a good life/work balance. And that is what a real laptop lifestyle business holiday allows you to do, having this kind of freedom of choice and freedom of place to work.

Καλημέρα από Κύπρος




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