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I recently spoke with Dave Maloney from Let the Secret Out about using story telling to let poeple know what you are doing, promoting your business and making a connection with customers. 

He believes we should plan our marketing stratergy out like a story unfolds. He likens it to a business plan but you will be more familiar with it in your marketing planning. A talented photographer and story teller himself, Dave establishes a set of stock images for you so you can begin telling the story of what you do or what you want to say about your business. 

He used the example of a florist he worked within the lead to Valentines day this year. They decided on a promotion called the 14 days of Valentines and set about telling stories about some mistakes men often make that clearly dont show off their romantic side. For example - 7 boys nights out, 6 dinners at McDonalds, 5 toenail clippings, etc

This is very cleaver marketing and gave men suggestions about how they could make better choices to show they care. This is where Dave's expertise at takeing awesome stock images Dave of the florist helped to show case their products and tell the story on social media. 

So, letting the secret out is about telling a story and making a connnection with people who are interested or creating an interest in your business. 

I asked him what generally stops people setting up the right maketing tools like Facebook to promote their businesses-

"Too often, I hear people say, "I'm not going to set up a Facebook Business page, that's only for young people and, anyway, I wouldn't know where to start!". Hate to say it, but it's false on both accounts. Baby Boomers are the fastest growing social media demographic, with more new users than any other age, and setting up your page is a piece of cake!"

In fact he makes it easy with a free 101 guide, including tips and tricks -http://bit.ly/facebookbusiness101  

Check out Dave at his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Letthesecretout/


"Let the secret out's mission is to share a business, community or personal story. in a way that inspires the viewer and empowers the customer. Doing this will connect people from around the world and celebrate a talent of the customer that they would not have previously showcased." Dave Maloney, Business Consultant, Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand -Let the Secret Out

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